MBC-QPSK DP/SP QPSK-Modulator Bias Controllers

MBC-QPSK DP_SP QPSK-Modulator Bias Controllers OZ Optics
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1000-1650 nm; Board Style; Detector Input Power -25--10 dBm; Differential Bias Voltage -25-25... more
Product information "MBC-QPSK DP/SP QPSK-Modulator Bias Controllers"

1000-1650 nm; Board Style; Detector Input Power -25--10 dBm; Differential Bias Voltage -25-25 V; Single End Bias Voltage -12.5-12.5 V; Typ. Null Mode Extinction Ratio 25 dB; Dimensions 90.7x85.6x16.5 mm

OZ Optics’ MPC-QPSK DP and SP QPSK-modulator bias controllers are devices specially designed to control the bias positions for QPSK-modulators used for 100 Gbit QPSK or QAM applications. DQPSK (Differential Quadrature Phase-Shift Key) modulators can improve optical transmission properties such as total reach, dispersion tolerance, or spectral efficiency.

Since the QPSK modulators are a combination of 2 phase modulators and 4 Mach-Zehnder modulators, there are six bias points requiring control. OZ Optics' QPSK modulator bias controllers have been developed especially for this kind of device.

The OZ Optics QPSK modulator bias controllers are full-function miniature OEM versions of the MBC family of modulator bias controllers. They simultaneously set the first and second modulators of each QPSK modulator at Null points and set the third modulator of each QPSK modulator at the quad point. The slope of each point is selectable from the computer.

The pin-out of the connector of the MBC is made according to the OIF-2009 specification. The DP-QPSK modulator can be directly plugged into the connector. The 18 low-speed device’s pins are grouped in groups of 6 pins.

Key Features:

  • Six Modulators Can Be Controlled by One Controller (1st, 2nd Modulator of Each QPSK Modulator at Null/Peak Mode, the 3rd at Quad)
  • User-selectable Locking Slope (NULL <-> PEAK) Through USB Interface
  • One Photodiode is Integrated in the Controller
  • Both Single-ended and Differential Bias Outputs
  • Three Operation modes: DQPSK, QAM or Arbitrary-waveform
  • All Settings are Remotely Controllable Through USB Computer Interface, or UART
  • User Can Select Automation Mode or Manual Mode
  • User May Stop the Pilot Tone for Any or All Modulators and Manually Tune the Bias Through USB Computer Interface
  • Read Back the Input Power to the PDs and the Bias Voltages Through GUI
  • Read Back the Firmware Version Through GUI
  • Low Profile: 90.7 x 85.6 x 16.5 mm
  • Detector Input Power: -25 dBm Min., -10 dBm Max.
  • Optical Wavelength: 1000 nm to 1650 nm
  • Differential Bias Voltage: -25 V to 25 V
  • Single End Bias Voltage: -12.5 V to 12.5 V
  • Null Mode Extinction Ratio: 25 dB Typ., 40 dB Max.
  • Locking Slope: Positive or Negative
  • Locking Mode: Four Null (Peak) Positions, Quad+ or (Quad-) Position
  • Pilot Tone Modulation Depth (QUAD): 0.1% Typ.
  • Max. Pilot Tone Modulation Depth (Null): 0.1%
  • Pilot Tone Frequency: 4000 Hz

Applications: Controlling the Bias Positions for QPSK-modulators Used for 100 Gbit QPSK or QAM

Product Group: DP/SP QPSK-Modulator Bias Controllers
Manufacturer Series Name: MBC-QPSK
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