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FUSED MM Couplers & Combiners OZ Optics
  • SW10536
Multi Mode Couplers & Combiners; 400 to 1600 nm; Splitting Ratio 50/50 to 99/1; Return Loss... more
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Multi Mode Couplers & Combiners; 400 to 1600 nm; Splitting Ratio 50/50 to 99/1; Return Loss <50 dB; Directivity <50 dB

OZ Optics' FUSED series of multi mode fused couplers are used to split optical signals between two fibers, or to combine optical signals from two fibers into one fiber. They are constructed by fusing and tapering two fibers together. This method provides a simple, rugged, and compact method of splitting and combining optical signals. Typical excess losses are as low as 0.2 dB, while splitting ratios are accurate to within ±5% at the design wavelength. The devices are bi-directional and offer low backreflection. The technique is best suited to single mode and multi mode couplers.

Multi mode fused couplers are mode dependent. Certain modes within one fiber are transferred to the second fiber, while other modes are not. As a result, the splitting ratio will depend on what modes are excited within the fiber. The couplers are optimized for a uniform distribution of modes within the fiber known as an equilibrium mode field distribution. This condition is met by using an incoherent source, such as an LED, or by using a mode scrambler, to mix up the modes traveling through the fiber. It is also achieved by sending the signal through a long length of fiber, before it enters the coupler.

OZ Optics fused couplers are available in a range of wavelengths, fiber sizes, and splitting ratios. The fiber ends can be terminated with a variety of fiber connectors. Standard configurations are One-by-Two and Two-by-Two couplers. N by M fused couplers, such as one by three, or one-by four, etc., are also available on request.

Key Features:

  • Wide Variety of Wavelengths 400 to 2005 nm
  • Low Loss- Broad Bandwidth
  • Good Uniformity
  • Small Package
  • High Directivity
Product Group: MM Couplers & Combiners
Manufacturer Series Name: FUSED
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