OZ-5000 Diode Laser Modules

OZ-5000 Diode Laser Modules OZ Optics
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Free Space, Ultra Stable; 375 to 1625 nm; Output Power 5 to 150 mW; Case 101x50x38 mm; Beam... more
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Free Space, Ultra Stable; 375 to 1625 nm; Output Power 5 to 150 mW; Case 101x50x38 mm; Beam Size 1 mm

OZ Optics’ OZ-5000 series of diode laser modules are temperature stabilized, free space, laser diode delivery systems. The compact housings contain both the laser diode and the temperature control and are powered by a single 5 V DC supply. Both designs have an operating temperature range of +10 to +45°C and hold the temperature variation of the laser diode below 0.01 °C. This maintains the wavelength variation to better than 0.1 nm and reduces the tendency of the laser diode to mode hop. OZ-5000 modules have standard analog and optional TTL interfaces for OEM applications and an optional USB computer interface upon request. Output power can be adjusted by simply changing the DC voltage on the “Power Control” input. Most standard parts can thus be modulated at up to 20 kHz. Special versions are available to cover even higher modulation frequencies, up to 1 MHz. Contact AMS Technologies with your requirements.

An interlock feature is also standard for the OZ-5000 series of diode laser modules, enabling the user to shut the unit down if a safety issue or other error condition arises. This feature can also be used as a TTL on/off control. In addition, a mechanical shutter option is available for additional safety.

Key Features:

  • Output Power up to 300 mW
  • Wavelength 375 to 1625 nm
  • Excellent Power & Wavelength Stability
  • Low RMS Noise
  • Excellent Beam Pointing Stability
  • Electrically or Optically Variable Output Power
  • Compact Size, 101 x 50 x 38 mm- Easily Configurable Analog Interface
  • Optional USB and other interfaces
  • Variable Beam Size: Collimated or Adjustable

Applications: Confocal Microscopy; Flow Cytometry; DNA Sequencing; Medical Imaging; Interferometry; Particle Counting; Printing; Optical Component Manufacturing and Testing; Materials Evaluation and Testing

Product Group: Diode Laser Modules
Manufacturer Series Name: OZ-5000
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