TF-100-11 Motor Driven Tunable Filters

TF-100-11 Motor Driven Tunable Filters OZ Optics
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Ideal for OEM Applications; 1470 to 1620 nm; Line Width 1.1 nm, 0.3 nm Optional; Insertion Loss... more
Product information "TF-100-11 Motor Driven Tunable Filters"

Ideal for OEM Applications; 1470 to 1620 nm; Line Width 1.1 nm, 0.3 nm Optional; Insertion Loss <2.0 dB; PDL <0.3 dB; Fiber Type SM, MM, PM; Connector Type FC/PC, ST, SC, LC, MU, None

OZ Optics’ TF-100-11 series of motor driven tunable filters consist of a collimating optical assembly, an adjustable narrow bandpass filter and a focusing optical assembly to collect the light again. This series consist of pigtailed units with a computer interface which has options for different communication standards.

The devices allow to control the wavelength at which the filter transmits work by adjusting the angle of incidence between the filter and the incident beam. The TF-100-11 series motor driven tunable filters are calibrated such that the user directly enters the wavelength to transmit via the computer interface. An RS232 interface with cable is standard.

Filter linewidths are normally defined in terms of full width at half maximum (FWHM). The standard filters used have a smooth, rounded transmission spectrum that is the result of a single Fabry Perot type cavity, simply made up of two reflectors separated by a fixed spacer of some thickness.

Other filter profiles are available. For instance, flat top bandpass filters are made by stacking multiple cavities together. By increasing the number of cavities one can increase the roll-off slope therefore improving the out-of-band rejection level. Please contact AMS Technologies for custom filter designs that meet your requirements.

OZ Optics tunable filters utilize an optical technique to control polarization dependent loss (PDL). This new design reduces PDL to below 0.3 dB, while at the same time making the spectral response polarization insensitive. This feature makes the TF-100-11 series ideal for today's DWDM system applications.

Tunable filters using single mode (SM), multi mode (MM) or polarization maintaining (PM) fibers are offered. In general, OZ Optics uses polarization maintaining fibers based on the PANDA fiber structure when building polarization maintaining components and patch cords. However, OZ Optics can construct devices using other PM fiber structures. OZ Optics also carries some alternative fiber types in stock, please contact AMS Technologies for availability. If necessary, OZ Optics is willing to use customer supplied fibers to build devices.

In addition to the TF-100-11 series of motor driven tunable filters, OZ Optics provides four further series of tunable filters – TF-100 series of digital tunable filters, TF-11 series of manually adjustable polarization insensitive tunable filtersBTF-11 series of manually adjustable variable bandwidth tunable filters and finally BTF-100 series of motorized adjustable variable bandwidth tunable filters.

If you are looking for filters with a fixed wavelength, have a look at OZ Optics’ FF series of fixed filters.

Key Features:

  • Narrow Linewidth
  • Polarization Insensitive
  • Wide Wavelength Range
  • Single Mode (SM), Multi Mode (MM) and Polarization Maintaining (PM) Fiber Versions
  • High Resolution
  • Built in Computer RS232 Interface
  • GPIB/RS232 Converter

Applications: Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing; Tunable Sources; Spectral Analysis; Quality Control and Measurement; Product Development; Fiber Optic Component Manufacturing; Automated Testing

Product Group: Motor Driven Tunable Filters
Manufacturer Series Name: TF-100-11
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