Thermal Imaging Lens Assemblies

Thermal Imaging Lens Assemblies GH Optics
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Effective Focal Length EFL 3.2-19.0 mm; f/# 1.0, 1.1; FOV 13.9°x10.4°-50°x37°; Recommended... more
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Effective Focal Length EFL 3.2-19.0 mm; f/# 1.0, 1.1; FOV 13.9°x10.4°-50°x37°; Recommended Detector Resolution 160x120-384x288 Pixel; Recommended Detector Pixel Size 12, 17 µm; Working Distance 3.07-12.0 mm

For immediate use in thermal imaging cameras, GH Optics' infrared precision molded aspheric lenses are available pre-assembled in aluminium/plastic housings with a range of thread sizes.

By using precision molded aspherics, this series of thermal imaging lens assemblies offers a cost advantage, especially in larger quantities. The assemblies are optically athermalized in a temperature range from -45°C to +85°C and available with different coatings, such as anti-reflection (AR), high-density (HD) or short wave blocking (SWB). Typical applications for these infrared thermal imaging lens assemblies are thermography, security & surveillance and diagnostics.

Within our series of thermal imaging lens assemblies you find seven standard models, each one optimized for a certain detector size:


Lens Assembly Code Effective Focal Length (EFL) F# Field of View (FOV) Sensor Size Sensor Pixel Size Datasheet
X61201 2.0 mm 1.0 90°(H) x 66°(V) 256 x 192 px 12 µm Datasheet
X61321 3.2 mm 1.1 50°(H) x 37°(V) 160 x 120 px 17 µm Datasheet
X61361 3.6 mm 1.1 50°(H) x 37°(V) 256 x 192 px 12 µm Datasheet
X62361 3.6 mm 1.0 50°(H) x 37°(V) 256 x 192 px 12 µm Datasheet
X61971 9.7 mm 1.0 27°(H) x 20°(V) 384 x 288 px 12 µm Datasheet
X61A51 15.0 mm 1.0 25°(H) x 19°(V) 384 x 288 px 17 µm Datasheet
X61A91 19.0 mm 1.0 13.9°(H) x 10.4°(V) 256 x 192 px 12 µm Datasheet

If you don’t see the thermal imaging lens assembly you need in this list, we can have it custom built for you. Our optical experts are happy to help you defining the best solution tailored to your project’s requirements – get in touch with us now.

Key Features:

  • Chalcogenide Glass
  • Precision Molded
  • Diffractive Element
  • Optically Athermalized (-40°C to +85°C)
  • Available Coatings: Anti Reflective (AR), High Density (HD), Short Wave Blocking (SWB)
  • Available in High Volumes
  • Cost Efficient
  • Effective Focal Length (EFL): 3.2 mm to 19.0 mm
  • f/#: 1.0, 1.1
  • Horizontal Field of View (FOV): 13.9° to 50°
  • Vertical Field of View (FOV): 10.4° to 37°
  • Recommended Detector Resolution: 160 x 120 Pixel to 384 x 288 Pixel
  • Recommended Detector Pixel Size: 12 µm, 17 µm
  • Design Wavelengths: 8 µm to 14 µm
  • Relative Illumination: 85% to 95%
  • TTL: 7.3 mm to 31.0 mm
  • Working Distance: 3.07 mm to 12.0 mm
  • Transmission: >90%
  • Internal Seal: IP67

Applications: Thermal Imaging; Thermography Cameras; Security & Surveillance; Diagnostics; Other

Product Group: Thermal Imaging Lens Assemblies
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