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All Necessary Tools Included; Special Version for PM Connectors Available; Sturdy Aluminium... more
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All Necessary Tools Included; Special Version for PM Connectors Available; Sturdy Aluminium Case; Weight 7.3 kg

OZ Optics’ comprehensive fiber optic termination kits include all of the tools necessary to make field terminations of fibers with commercially available connectors. The kits come in a sturdy, dent-proof aluminium case, providing easy transport with rugged protection. The total weight of the kits is 7.3 kg.

The kits contain enough consumable supplies to process about 100 connectors. The consumable supplies may be ordered separately. A special version of the termination kit is available for polarization maintaining (PM) connectors. This kit includes special low-shrinkage epoxies to minimize stresses on the fibers. The epoxy is available as a separate item.

The kits include the following tools:

  • Five 230 mm by 330 mm, 5 µm Grit Polishing Film
  • Five 230 mm by 330 mm, 1 µm Grit Polishing Film
  • Ten 230 mm by 330 mm, 0.3 µm Grit Polishing Film
  • 100X Microscope With a Connector Adapter
  • Five Packs of Two-Component Epoxy
  • Three Sizes of Buffer Tube Strippers
  • Screwdriver With Four Bits
  • Glass Polishing Plate
  • Diamond Pen Scribe
  • Index Matching Gel
  • Polishing Disc
  • T-Type Stripper
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Crimping Tool
  • Epoxy Mixer & Pad
  • Utility Knife
  • Kim Wipes
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Fiber Cleaner
  • Tweezers
  • Folding Knife
  • Cable Stripper

In addition, a number of accessories are available for the kit that may be ordered separately. A connector heater is available for curing the epoxy used in the terminating kit. The heater can handle 24 connectors at once and ensures even curing. A heat gun for curing epoxy and to shrink heat shrink tubing is also available.

Key Features:

  • All Necessary Tools Included to Make Field Terminations of Fibers With Connectors
  • Special Version for Polarization Maintaining (PM) Connectors Available
  • Various Additional Accessories Available
  • Sturdy, Dent-proof Aluminium Case
  • Weight: 7.3 kg

Applications: Field Termination of Fibers With Commercially Available Fiber Optic Connectors

Product Group: Fiber Optic Termination Kits
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