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SDH_POM-110 Fiber Power Meters OZ Optics
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Smart Detector Head Optical Power Meters; Optional Hand-held Display Unit; 440 to 1700 nm;... more
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Smart Detector Head Optical Power Meters; Optional Hand-held Display Unit; 440 to 1700 nm; Power Measurement -75 to +10 dBm; Accuracy ±5%; Resolution 0.01 dB; FC/PC, ST, SC, Universal 2.5 mm Receptacles

OZ Optics SDH series of smart detector heads incorporates the features of a full-function optical power meter (except display) in a miniature housing. This makes it ideal for applications that require multiple detectors in a small space. By using a simple RS232 interface, the device can be used alone or in parallel with other devices to measure or monitor optical power.

The SDH smart detector heads have a fast response speed, wide dynamic range, and an optional analog output, making them well suited to a variety of applications. Using very simple commands, the smart detector heads can easily be adapted to custom requirements, such as optical alignment and collimation systems.

The SDH smart detector heads can provide readings in any convenient format including W, dBm, dB, or relative (P/Pref). More than one SDH can be connected to a computer, with the number of units being limited only by the number of available serial ports. Multiple units can also be configured using the I2C interface.

The SDH series can accommodate a variety of standard, interchangeable screw-in receptacles. The SDH smart detector heads have a manually activated built-in selectable attenuator that can be inserted into the light path without disturbing the rest of the setup. Custom optical accessories can also be provided which can directly attach to the front of the SDH, including high-power attenuators, optical filters, integrating spheres or other optical components. Contact AMS Technologies with your specific requirements.

OZ Optics’ POM-110 series of hand-held display units can be used with the smart detector head as a conventional stand-alone power meter. Using the keypad, the operator can configure the sampling rate, wavelength, format and baud rate of the readings. Two SDHs can be used to create a dual power meter, where readings from both heads are displayed on the LCD simultaneously.

The POM-110 series is powered via a universal AC/DC power supply or a built-in rechargeable battery pack. A USB port allows the device to be controlled via a host computer. An external RS232 to GPIB converter is also available as an optional accessory.

OZ Optics also offers pocket size fiber power meters with built-in displays. For further information please refer to the POM-500 series of pocket fiber power meters and the POM-400 series of miniature fiber power meters.

For handheld units with built-in displays and a choice of additional receptacles, please refer to OZ Optics’ POM-300 series of handheld fiber power meters.

Key Features:

  • Fast Response (Over 1000 Readouts/s)
  • Wavelengths: 440 to 900 nm for Visible (VIS) and 800 to 1700 nm for Infrared (IR)
  • NIST Traceable
  • Built-in Attenuator for 20 or 30 dB Attenuation
  • Selectable Sampling Rate (7 to 1800 Hz)
  • Optional POM-110 Hand-held Display Unit for Controlling One or Two Detector Heads
  • Analog Voltage Output (Optional)
  • Interchangeable Optical Receptacles
  • Mounting Holes on Sides and Bottom
  • Low Power Consumption (<60 mA at 6 V)
  • Built-in RS-232 and I²C Interfaces
  • Selectable RS-232 Baud Rate (From 9600 to 115,200 bps)
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Can be Used for Free Space Applications

Applications: Automatic Fiber Optical Alignment and Collimation Systems; Multi-channel Optical Power Measurements; General Optical Power Measurements such as IL Measurement; Multi-channel Test Sets; Network Installation and Maintenance

Product Group: Fiber Power Meters
Manufacturer Series Name: SDH/POM-110
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