ER-100 Polarization Extinction Ratio Meters

ER-100 Polarization Extinction Ratio Meters OZ Optics
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Handheld Type; 400 to 2400 nm; Extinction Ratio Range 30, 35, 40 dB; Extinction Ratio Accuracy... more
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Handheld Type; 400 to 2400 nm; Extinction Ratio Range 30, 35, 40 dB; Extinction Ratio Accuracy ±1 dB; Angular Accuracy ±0.5°; Adapter Type FC/PC, ST, E2000, SC, LC, MU, Universal 1.25/2.5 mm

OZ Optics’ ER-100 series of polarization extinction ratio meters allows one to quickly measure the output extinction ratio of light from a fiber. A rotating polarizer measures the extinction ratio and the orientation of the transmission axis with respect to the key on the connector.

As an option, neutral density filters can be added to the ER-100 extinction ratio meters to extend the maximum power range. These filters can be easily inserted and removed without disturbing your setup and allow power levels up to 2 W to be measured.

The ER-100 meters operate in several modes. In real time mode, the meter gives the extinction ratio and alignment. In logging mode, the meter gives the worst-case extinction ratio over a given time span. This mode is ideal for QA measurements.

In addition, the meter can provide a relative power readout, proportional to the input power in dB. This readout is updated at up to 650 times per second. The computer interface allows the unit to be used with computer control units, for alignment purposes. The combination of polarization and relative power functions allows the unit to be used for complete auto-alignment of polarization maintaining components.

Key Features:

  • Measures Extinction Ratio up to 40 dB (Over Specific Wavelength Ranges)
  • Built-in USB Communications Interface
  • Wide Wavelength Range: 400 to 1000 nm for Visible; 850 to 1650 nm and 1800 to 2400 nm for IR
  • 0.01 dB Resolution in ER and 0.3° Resolution in Angle
  • 1dB Accuracy in ER, 0.5° Accuracy in Angle
  • Measures up to 2 W CW Input Power
  • Rugged and Compact Design
  • Logging Mode for Continuous Measurement
  • Interchangeable Connector Adaptors

Applications: Fiber Optic Component Manufacturing; Automated Alignment; Quality Control and Measurement; Product Development; Component or System Troubleshooting

Product Group: Polarization Extinction Ratio Meters
Manufacturer Series Name: ER-100
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