FO(P)I-11A High Power Fiber-to-Fiber Isolators

FO(P)I-11A High Power Fiber-to-Fiber Isolators
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Polarization Sensitive & Insensitive Versions; Fiber Type SM, PM, LMA, PLMA; 1030 nm to 1090... more
Product information "FO(P)I-11A High Power Fiber-to-Fiber Isolators"

Polarization Sensitive & Insensitive Versions; Fiber Type SM, PM, LMA, PLMA; 1030 nm to 1090 nm; Isolation ≥30 dB; Power Handling 1 W

Isolators are optical devices that allow light to be transmitted in one direction only. They block the source from reflected light, thus preventing any feedback problems, such as frequency instability, relaxation oscillations, amplified stimulated emissions, or optical damage – very critical with the recent dramatic increase in laser output powers, especially in the 1030 to 1090nm wavelength range.

To meet this demand OZ Optics has developed a line of high power handling isolators, capable of peak isolation levels of 30 dB to 50 dB for 1030 nm to 1090 nm, depending on the input beam size. The isolators are offered with fiber pigtailed collimators on the input and output beam, with typical beam diameters of 0.4 mm to 1.1 mm.

OZ Optics uses a patented tilt alignment technique to manufacture isolators with fiber pigtails. Light from an optical fiber is first collimated then transmitted through the isolator. The fibers can be standard single mode fibers or Large Mode Area (LMA) fibers. LMA fibers are used to reduce the optical power density in the fiber core and therefore allow guidance of larger input power levels while still achieving near-gaussian output beam quality. This patented tilt alignment technique allows OZ Optics to offer compact pigtailed devices.

The isolators come with built-in windows to prevent dust contamination of internal isolator optics. These protection windows are easily removed and replaced by the user. Custom smaller packages can be made for OEM applications – contact us for more details.

Key Features:

  • Wide Operating Wavelength Range: 60 nm
  • Power Handling: Up to 80 W
  • Isolation: Up to 50 dB
  • Low Insertion & Polarization-dependent Losses
  • Excellent Beam Quality
  • Removable Protective Windows
  • RoHS compliant

Applications: Protection of high power lasers from reflections during a) laser marking and engraving; b) laser cutting and etching of metal surfaces with high reflectance such as Al, Cu, Au or Ag; c) micro machining and trimming

Product Group: High Power Fiber-to-Fiber Isolators
Manufacturer Series Name: FO(P)I-11A
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