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UB U-Bracket Assemblies OZ Optics
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Tilt Adjustment Technique; Pigtail or Receptacle Style; Fiber Type SM, MM, PM; Typ. Insertion... more
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Tilt Adjustment Technique; Pigtail or Receptacle Style; Fiber Type SM, MM, PM; Typ. Insertion Loss 1 dB; Size 29 x 25 x 43 to 77 x 64 x 72 mm

OZ Optics’ UB series of fiber optic U-bracket assemblies are designed to transmit light from an optical fiber, across an air gap, and back into a second fiber with low losses. The U-bracket is pre-aligned at the factory for minimum insertion losses, making it very easy to use. A variety of bulk optical devices, including polarizers, isolators, filters, and waveplates, can be simply inserted into the U-bracket, allowing the user to quickly and easily test or prototype systems incorporating fiber and bulk optics.

The U-bracket assembly consists of three parts: an input fiber collimator, the U-bracket itself and an output fiber focuser. Utilizing OZ Optics' patented tilt adjustment technique, losses of only 0.6 dB are achieved across a 60 mm gap for pigtailed single mode fibers, with back reflection levels of -25, -40 or -60 dB available.

Connector style assemblies are also available for a variety of connectors, including NTT-FC, AT&T-ST, bare fiber adapters, etc. Typical insertion losses are 1.0 dB across a 60 mm gap for connectorized versions, with back reflection levels of typically -20 dB.

U-Brackets are available in different sizes, with different gap spacings according to the customer's needs. Many different custom designs can be made for your application. For instance, source to fiber versions are available, where light from either a laser, a laser diode or a LED is transmitted across the air gap and into the output fiber.

Another option is to have a photo detector attached to the output end of the U-bracket to measure the transmitted light. Another device available is a black box with a removable filter holder, to quickly insert and remove a filter from the optical path. Contact the AMS Technologies fiber optic expert team to discuss your project’s requirements and find your custom U-bracket solution.

Key Features:

  • Pre-aligned Fiber Launch and Re-collect
  • Small and Large Body Available
  • Optional Removable Filter Holder Available
  • Available in Single Mode (SM), Polarization Maintaining (PM) and Multi Mode (MM) Versions
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • High PER for PM Applications
  • Compact Housing or Wide Free-space Air-gap
  • Wide Beam Sizes Available

Applications: Sample Interrogation; Prototyping Pigtailed Optical Devices; Polarization Control; Filters; Spectroscopy

Product Group: U-Bracket Assemblies
Manufacturer Series Name: UB
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