FOC-12 Fiber Optic Circulators

FOC-12 Fiber Optic Circulators
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PM and SM Versions; Panda PM or SM Fiber; 780 to 1550 nm; 3 Ports; Insertion Loss ≤0.7 to ≤1.0... more
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PM and SM Versions; Panda PM or SM Fiber; 780 to 1550 nm; 3 Ports; Insertion Loss ≤0.7 to ≤1.0 dB

Fiber optic circulators act as signal routers, transmitting light from an input fiber to an output fiber, but directing light that returns along that output fiber to a third port. They perform a similar function as an isolator, protecting the input fiber from return power, but also allowing the rejected light to be employed. OZ Optics miniature inline circulators are ideal for OEM applications. They are available with either singlemode or polarization maintaining fiber. OZ Optics’ PM fiber optic circulators are manufactured with polarization maintaining fibers, making them ideal for polarization maintaining applications such as 40 Gbit systems or Raman pump applications. They are also used in double pass amplifiers and in chromatic dispersion compensation modules. 

The standard PM fiber alignment is for all power to be transmitted along the slow axis of each fiber (Fast axis blocking). With OZ Optics’ modular design and custom manufacturing capabilities, any of the three ports can be aligned for fast axis coupling. High extinction ratio connectors can also be installed. Regardless of the state of polarization of the return beam, the input fiber will still be isolated from reflected light. For non-telecom wavelengths and high power applications, the cube style circulator is offered. This design is well suited for custom applications.

Additional connector and cable options and custom designs are also available. Please forward a detailed description of your application to us.

Product Group: Fiber Optic Circulators
Manufacturer Series Name: FOC-12
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