OZ-1000/2000/3000 Diode Laser Sources

OZ-1000_OZ-2000_OZ-3000 Fiber Pigtailed Ultra Stable Laser Modules OZ
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  Fiber Coupled, Ultra-stable; 375 to 2000 nm; Wavelength Stability (typ) ±0.2 nm; Output... more
Product information "OZ-1000/2000/3000 Diode Laser Sources"

 Fiber Coupled, Ultra-stable; 375 to 2000 nm; Wavelength Stability (typ) ±0.2 nm; Output Power 0.5 to 300 mW; Power Stability <0.1% to <2%; Polarization Extinction Ratio >18 to >23 dB; Fiber Type SM, MM or PM

The OZ-1000, OZ-2000 and OZ-3000 fiber pigtailed ultra-stable laser module series are temperature stabilized, fiber coupled, laser delivery systems. The compact housing contains both the laser and the temperature control. Powered by a single 5 V DC supply, the low noise laser diode and TEC drivers maintain the wavelength variation to better than 0.2 nm, and also reduce the tendency of the laser diode to mode hop, assuming there is no feedback into the laser cavity.

The electrical interface on the OZ-1000 is located on the front face of the unit alongside the optical interface, while on the OZ-2000 and OZ-3000 it is on the rear of the unit. The three configurations have as default analog CW output power control, with analog modulation capability. A TTL input interface is optional. Our low profile OZ-3000 comes with a USB interface and an 8 pin circular connector.

Standard modules can be analog modulated up to 20 kHz. Special versions are available to cover even higher modulation frequencies, up to 1 MHz for the TTL option – contact us with your requirements. An interlock feature enables the user to shut the unit down and can also be used as a TTL on/off control. In addition a mechanical shutter option is available to provide extra flexibility for controlling laser output power.

The unit can be configured with our supplier’s patented inline optical tap for forward power monitor feedback, to further improve short term and long term power stability. Both the pigtail and receptacle style sources offer the choice of polarization maintaining, singlemode, or multimode fiber outputs and a wide range of connector or receptacle types. An output fiber collimator or focuser can be added to the output fiber as an option.

Key Features:

  • Wavelengths from 375 nm to 2050 nm
  • Electrically or Optically Variable Output Power up to 300 mW
  • Guaranteed Lifetime: 18 months or 5000 hours - extended warranty also available
  • Excellent Power & Wavelength Stability
  • Analog interface (USB & other Interfaces optional
  • SM, MM or PM Fiber Version
  • Available with Fiber Pigtail or Connector Receptacle

Applications: Confocal Microscopy; Flow Cytometry; DNA Sequencing; Medical Imaging, including OCT; Insertion Loss Measurement and Attenuation Measurement; High-Power or Remote Fiber Delivery Systems; Accurate Fiber Optic Testing; Optical Component Manufacturing and Testing; Materials Evaluation and Testing; RGB Illumination Systems

Product Group: Diode Laser Sources
Manufacturer Series Name: OZ-1000/2000/3000
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