SpectraTec X Multi-Wavelength Laser Sources

SpectraTec X Multi-Wavelength Laser Sources Blue Sky Research
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405 to 980 nm; 20 to 50 mW; Beam Size 1.6 to 2.1 mm; Power Stability Blue Sky Research’s... more
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405 to 980 nm; 20 to 50 mW; Beam Size 1.6 to 2.1 mm; Power Stability <0.5%

Blue Sky Research’s SpectraTec X series of multi- wavelength laser modules is a highly integrated system comprised of up to four lasers, individual driving, control and stability electronics, a fiber optic wavelength combiner, temperature controllers (TECs) and a single mode (SM) fiber optic pigtail.

In addition to the SpectraTec X systems, the SpectraTec series of laser sources include the SpectraTec II series of dual laser sources as well as the SpectraTec RGB series of white light laser sources.

The ultra-compact SpectraTec X multi-wavelength laser source modules use all fiber technology for combining multiple lasers and simultaneously maintaining polarization. They provide a thermally and mechanically stable laser-based illumination source which never needs alignment.

In addition, complete control and interrogation of the module status is available via the 37-pin interface connector. A fiber feedback collimator (FFC) provides precision beam shaping or beam focusing and real-time power feedback to the control circuits. Power stability is <0.5% under normal operating conditions.

The SpectraTec X series multi-wavelength lasers are RoHS compliant and leverage Blue Sky Research’s extensive experience in precision fiber coupling of laser diodes providing the highest degree of fiber coupling stability. This results in systems that have near perfect laser beam co-linearity and beam stability enabling the design of instruments and systems with high stability and reliability.

A key feature of the SpectraTec X sources is that each laser can be activated individually, all lasers can be on at the same time while also maintaining true APC power stabilization, and the intensity of each laser can be adjusted to best suit your application.

Custom OEM configurations are available and include wavelength options ranging from 405 to 980 nm with polarization maintaining (PM) fiber, various power levels, OEM specific collimation or relay optics, multi mode lasers, multi mode (MM) fibers, and various cabling and  types.

AMS Technologies and Blue Sky Research can co-engineer custom interfaces (with your engineering team) to match your system control, monitoring and operational requirements. Get in touch with us to discuss your customized multi-wavelength laser solution!

Key Features:

  • Up to Four Individual Laser Wavelengths
  • Wavelength Range: 405 to 980 nm
  • Laser Diode Power: 20 to 50 mW (Depending on Wavelength)
  • Power Stability (1 h): <0.5%
  • One Single Mode, Polarization Maintaining (PM) Fiber Output
  • Ultra-stable Power Output
  • Optical Noise (RMS): <0.5%
  • Compact Size: 165 x 125 x 34 mm
  • Integrated Control and Drive Electronics
Product Group: Multi-Wavelength Laser Sources
Manufacturer Series Name: SpectraTec X
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