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TPA Tapered Amplifiers Toptica eagleyard
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650-980 nm; Gain Width 6-30 nm; Input Power 10-80 mW; Output Power 250-3000 mW; Forward Current... more
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650-980 nm; Gain Width 6-30 nm; Input Power 10-80 mW; Output Power 250-3000 mW; Forward Current 750-4500 mA; Amplification 10-23 dB

Toptica eagleyard’s TPA series of tapered amplifiers (TPA) are semiconductor optical amplifiers combining excellent beam quality with highest output power from a single emitter. Their monolithic design comprises a single mode ridge waveguide section with a tapered structure. These components are the first choice for master oscillator power amplifier setups, inheriting all spectral properties of a seed source such as a DFB laser or an ECDL built with a gain chip.

Tapered Amplifiers are improving poor signal to noise ratios wherever generating spectral and beam profile properties comes at the price of an attenuated power level. They are of great help in gathering deepest knowledge about hidden processes not only in the micro-world. They are enabling the realization of complex scientific equipment.

Key Features:

  • Tapered Amplifiers for Single Frequency Lasers
  • AR-coated Front and Rear Facet
  • Wavelength Range: 650 to 980 nm
  • Output Power: 0.25 to 3 W CW
  • Excellent Beam Properties
  • Packages: C-Mount (2,3,4 mm), Butterfly


Product Wavelength Max. Power Level Package Tuning Range Downloads
TPA-0650-00250-2007-CMT02-0000 650 nm 250 mW C-Mount 2 mm 650-655 nm Datasheet
TPA-0670-00500-2004-CMT02-0000 670 nm 500 mW C-Mount 660-675 nm Datasheet
TPA-0670-00500-3006-BTU02-0000 670 nm 1 W Standard Butterfly 660-675 nm Datasheet
TPA-0765-01500-3006-CMT03-0000 765 nm 1500 mW C-Mount 3 mm 755-770 nm Datasheet
TPA-0765-01500-3006-BTU02-0000  765 nm  1,5 W  Standard Butterfly 760-773 nm  Datasheet 
TPA-0780-01000-3006-CMT03-0000 780 nm 1000 mW C-Mount 3 mm 770-790 nm Datasheet
TPA-0780-03000-4006-CMT04-0000 780 nm 3000 mW C-Mount 4 mm 770-790 nm Datasheet
TPA-0780-03000-4006-BTU02-0000 780 nm 3 W Standard Butterfly 775-790 nm Datasheet
TPA-0795-02000-4006-BTU02-0000 795 nm 2 W Standard Butterfly 790-805 nm Datasheet
TPA-0795-02000-4006-CMT04-0000 795 nm 2000 mW C-Mount 4 mm 790-805 nm Datasheet
TPA-0808-02000-4006-CMT04-0000 808 nm 2000 mW C-Mount 4 mm 802-810 nm Datasheet
TPA-0830-01000-4006-CMT04-0000 830 nm 1000 mW C-Mount 4 mm 830-840 nm Datasheet
TPA-0845-02000-4006-CMT04-0000 845 nm 2000 mW C-Mount 4 mm 835-855 nm Datasheet
TPA-0850-00500-3006-CMT03-0000 850 nm 500 mW C-Mount 3 mm 848-855 nm Datasheet
TPA-0850-02000-4006-BTU02-0000 850 nm 2 W Standard Butterfly 830-860 nm Datasheet
TPA-0850-02000-4006-CMT04-0000 850 nm 2000 mW C-Mount 4 mm 848-855 nm Datasheet
TPA-0870-00500-3006-CMT03-0000 870 nm 500 mW C-Mount 3 mm 868-880 nm Datasheet
TPA-0895-02500-4006-BTU02-0000 895 nm 2,5 W Standard Butterfly 894-913 nm Datasheet
TPA-0960-02000-4006-CMT04-0000 960 nm 2000 mW C-Mount 4 mm 950-970 nm Datasheet
TPA-0970-02500-4006-CMT04-0000 970 nm 2500 mW C-Mount 4 mm 955-985 nm Datasheet
TPA-0980-00500-3006-CMT03-0000 980 nm 500 mW C-Mount 3 mm 965-985 nm Datasheet


Applications: Bose/Einstein-, Cs-, Rb-, K-and Raman Spectroscopy; Atomic Co-magnetometers; High-precision Angular Velocity Sensing; Fundamental Physics Tests Even at Very Large Scales

Product Group: Tapered Lasers/Amplifiers
Manufacturer Series Name: TPA
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