Mini-ECL Single Frequency Laser Diode

Mini-ECL Single Frequency Laser Diode
  • SW11779
780 nm; Linewidth 200 kHz; Output Power 80 mW; Threshold Current 70 mA; Slope Efficiency 0.8... more
Product information "Mini-ECL Single Frequency Laser Diode"

780 nm; Linewidth 200 kHz; Output Power 80 mW; Threshold Current 70 mA; Slope Efficiency 0.8 W/A; Side Mode Suppression Ratio 50 dB

Toptica eagleyard’s Mini-ECL miniature external cavity laser is a single frequency laser diode with a super fine linewidth of typical 200 kHz and a collimated output. Stable performance is ensured by the integrated cavity in the hermetically sealed standard butterfly package with integrated temperature control and no moving parts. Moreover, wavelengths between 650 – 1100 nm are customizable upon request, opening more freedom across the spectrum. The standard product at 780 nm will mainly be used for spectroscopy (Rb D2 line), metrology and atomic clocks.

The advantages of the Mini-ECL become very obvious when looking at the reduced complexity based on the integration of the cavity. Due to the ease of use, the robustness of the package and therefore scalability, not only research applications will benefit from this innovation but commercial and industry requirements are more easily fulfilled than with already available solutions. This will lead to outstanding results and applications along the value chain.

Mini-ECL also serves as a perfect seeder for Toptica eagleyard's TPA series of tapered amplifiers, resulting in a MOPA system with up to 3 W single mode poutput power and a brilliant frequency stability inherited from the seeder. 

Key Features:

  • Center Wavelength: 780 nm
  • Very Small Linewidth for Precise Results: Typ. 200 kHz
  • Very Good Side Mode Suppression Ratio (SMSR): Typ. 50 dB
  • Output Power: 80 mW
  • Forward Current: 180 mA
  • Threshold Current: 70 mA
  • Wavelength Customization Possible
  • Integrated Beam Collimation
  • Low Complexity due to the Integration of the Cavity
  • Robustness due to Hermetically Sealed Butterfly Package
  • Thermal Management by Integrated Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC) and Thermistor
  • Beam Divergence Parallel (Slow Axis) & Perpendicular (Fast Axis): 2 mrad (FWHM)
  • Package: Hermetic 14-pin Butterfly

Applications: Spectroscopy (Rb D2 Line); Quantum Technology (Cold Atom), High-coherence Photon Source; Metrology; Atomic Clock  

Product Group: Single Frequency Laser Diode
Manufacturer Series Name: Mini-ECL
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