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760-1083 nm; Typ. Linewidth 0.6 MHz; Output Power 6-150 mW CW; Threshold Current ≤70 mA; Slope... more
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760-1083 nm; Typ. Linewidth 0.6 MHz; Output Power 6-150 mW CW; Threshold Current ≤70 mA; Slope Efficiency 0.7 W/A; Side Mode Suppression Ratio ≥30 dB

Toptica eagleyard’s DFB series of distributed feedback (DFB) laser diodes features a built-in wavelength-selective grating stabilizing the wavelength. The DFB series’ entire resonator consists of a periodic structure. Thus, the devices operate on a single resonator mode emitting quasi-monochromatic radiation with a very small line width and low phase noise. The lasers can have very low-intensity noise because of the lack of mode partition noise. Due to the Gaussian mode the output is diffraction-limited.

The choice of a distributed feedback design instead of a similar distributed Bragg grating (DBR) structure enables even a broader smooth tuning range around the operational point without the risk of experiencing spectral issues known as mode-hops, as these are given by design of a DBR diode, making the latter less suitable for the needs of atom spectroscopy.

Special variants are available – two versions are intended to be used as seed lasers for pulsed fiber lasers, while other variants aim at oxygen detection as the emission wavelength of these laser diodes match with the strong absorption lines of oxygen at 760 nm and 764 nm while wavelength tuning around one of these absorption lines is possible.

Further variants are especially suitable for spectroscopy with mode‐hop free operation and small linewidth guaranteed at the specified target wavelength for spectroscopic applications – these laser diodes are reaching the target wavelength by temperature tuning and allow wavelength tuning around this target wavelength.

External backreflections may disturb the spectrum of these laser diodes, so the use of butterfly (BFW01) or TOC03 packages and effective optical isolation is recommended for spectroscopic applications requiring absolutely mode‐hop‐free tuning. Finally, special tunable variants with integrated optical isolators are available, enabling a wide mode‐hop free tuning range given by the specified operating temperature range and the specified power range.

Key Features:

  • Single Frequency Mode
  • High Side Mode Suppression > 50 dB
  • Narrow Linewidth <1 MHz
  • Pulse Width 1 to 50 ns
  • Peak Power up to 500 mW
  • Repetition Rate up to 1 MHz
  • SMSR >35 dB

Applications: Interferometry, Laser Doppler Velocimetry and Vibrometry; Cold Atoms; Optically Pumped Atom Clocks; Quantum Optics; THz Generation, Raman Spectroscopy; Cs- ,Rb- , K- Spectroscopy; Seed Laser for LIDAR Systems

Product Group: Single Frequency Laser Diodes
Manufacturer Series Name: DFB
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