FO(P)I-11/21 Fiber-to-Fiber Isolators

FO(P)I-11/21 Fiber-to-Fiber Isolators
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Polarization Sensitive & Insensitive Versions; SM or PM Fiber; 532 nm to 2000 nm; Isolation ≥20... more
Product information "FO(P)I-11/21 Fiber-to-Fiber Isolators"

Polarization Sensitive & Insensitive Versions; SM or PM Fiber; 532 nm to 2000 nm; Isolation ≥20 to ≥40 dB; Power Handling 0.5 to 10 W

This complete line of pigtailed fiber-to-fiber isolators for wavelengths ranging from 532 nm to 2000 nm combines a free-space Faraday rotator with polarizing optics to provide up to 60 dB of isolation and high power handling with minimum losses. Our isolators are manufactured using OZ Optics' patented tilt alignment technique. Input light from an optical fiber is first collimated, then transmitted through the isolator optics. A focusing lens on the output side of the isolator then couples the light back into the output fiber. This method is highly flexible and allows isolators capable of handling up to 10 W of optical power through single-mode fibers.

Isolators are offered in two different versions, polarization sensitive and polarization insensitive. Polarization sensitive isolators are well suited for PM fibers and for some applications where an input free-space beam of constant polarization enters the Faraday optics. However, these isolators are not recommended for SM fibers, as these fibers do not maintain polarization. For this reason we recommend using polarization insensitive isolators with standard SM fibers. Please note however that polarization insensitive isolators are not necessarily available for all wavelengths or power levels.

Key Features:

  • Polarization Sensitive and Insensitive Versions
  • Wavelength: 532 nm to 2000 nm
  • High Isolation Levels
  • Low Insertion & Polarization-dependent Losses
  • Different Compact Sizes Including Miniature Packaged Versions
  • Stable and High Reliability Designs

Applications: High-power Laser to Fiber Coupling Systems; Optical Amplifiers; CATV Systems; OCT Systems

Product Group: Fiber-to-Fiber Isolators
Manufacturer Series Name: FO(P)I-11/21
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