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MiniLase Miniature Laser Modules Blue Sky Research
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405 to 980 nm; 1 to 250 mW; Beam Size 1.0 to 4.0 mm; Power Stability Blue Sky Research has... more
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405 to 980 nm; 1 to 250 mW; Beam Size 1.0 to 4.0 mm; Power Stability <1% @ +25 °C

Blue Sky Research has designed its MiniLase series of miniature laser modules to offer superior beam qualities in a compact package for OEM applications. The MiniLase series combines Blue Sky Research’s VPS (virtual point source) lasers with high quality optics, solid packages and laser drive electronics.

MiniLase laser modules are offered with either a conventional, elliptical laser diode beam or a circular, diffraction-limited gaussian beam profile. A variety of wavelength, power and performance configurations are available, including collimated, shaped or focused beams, laser drive electronics or multiple wiring & connector options. The built-in automatic power stabilization (APC) function provides high stability and low noise at the same time.

Together with Blue Sky Research, AMS Technologies offers many standard products as well as customized designs to meet your specific mechanical, electrical or optical requirements. All OEM solutions can be mass produced and delivered to meet your production timing and inventory requirements.

MiniLase products typically utilize Blue Sky Research’s microlens technology to gain distinct performance advantages over traditional LD based modules. Starting from a regular laser diode with elliptical beam, the microlens technology creates a virtual point source (VPS) with a gaussian-circular beam divergence. A high-quality doublet or aspherical lens is then used to collimate or focus the beam, which maintains diffraction-limited quality.

A good Gaussian profile (M2 < 1.3) and low wavefront aberrations enable the beam emitted by the MiniLase modules to be collimated better or be focused into a smaller, more well-defined point. In addition, the beam waist depth of focus is increased, minimizing systematic optical tolerances and enabling superior optical performance.

Key Features:

  • Miniature OEM Laser Modules
  • Visible Through Infrared Wavelengths: 405 to 980 nm
  • Laser Diode Power: 1 to 250 mW (Depending on Wavelength)
  • Power Stability (Short Term): <1% at +25 °C
  • Beam Size: 1.0 to 4.0 mm
  • Collimation/Focusing Optics Simplify OEM Integration
  • Package Size: Dia. 7 to 19 mm, Length 10 to 60 mm

Applications: Machine Vision; Alignment & Targeting; Manufacturing; Instrumentation; Life Sciences; 3D Imaging, Sorting & Inspection

Product Group: Miniature Laser Modules
Manufacturer Series Name: MiniLase
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