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655-1060 nm; Tuning Range 10-140 nm; Typ. Output Power (Extra Cavity) 15-80 mW; Forward Current... more
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655-1060 nm; Tuning Range 10-140 nm; Typ. Output Power (Extra Cavity) 15-80 mW; Forward Current 120-200 mA; Cavity Length 1000-2000 µm

Toptica eagleyard’s RWE series of gain chips are modified Fabry-Perot Laser Diodes with an excellent AR coated output facet. While not self-lasing, they are intended to be operated in external cavity setups (ECDL), such as in Littman or Littrow configuration. With external feedback they reveal narrow single frequency operation (a linewidth under 100 kHz is achievable) in combination with superior tuning capabilities over their entire gain width.

Within the RWE series, 760 nm gain chips are closing the wavelength gap between popular solutions around 780 nm, while 740 nm gain chips are reaching out 730 nm and below. The popular RWE gain chips at 760/840/1060 nm are additionally available in a widely tunable version. An improved chip structure enables a wider gain and thus broader tunability over 100 nm covering more interesting wavelengths in ECDL setups.

Key Features:

  • Edge-emitting Laser Diode
  • Tunable Fabry-Perot Laser for Use in an External Cavity Diode Laser (ECDL)
  • Small Emitting Region
  • AR Coated Gain Chips (RWE)
  • Broad Wavelength Range: 655 to 1060 nm
  • Broad Tunability: 10-140 nm Tuning Range 
  • Line Width Down to Sub-100 kHz ex cavity
  • Typ. Output Power (Extra Cavity): 15 mW to 80 mW
  • Forward Current: 120 mA to 200 mA
  • Cavity Length: 1000 µm to 2000 µm
  • Beam Divergence Parallel (Slow Axis) 10° (FWHM), Perpendicular (Fast Axis) 22° to 29° (FWHM)
  • 9 mm 3-Pin TO Package, Sealed SOT Housing
  • Monitor Diode 
Product Wavelength Typ. Output Power With Cavity Tuning Range Specifics Downloads
RWE-0655-00505-2000-SOT02-0000 655 nm 20 mW 650-660 nm Tunable Datasheet
RWE-0670-00703-1000-SOT02-0000 670 nm 20 mW 665-675 nm Tunable Datasheet
RWE-0690-00703-1000-SOT02-0000 690 nm 15 mW 675-692 nm Tunable Datasheet
RWE-0740-02000-1500-SOT02-0000 740 nm 40 mW 723-742 nm Tunable Datasheet
RWE-0760-02010-1500-SOT12-0000  760 nm 80 mW 752-772 nm Tunable Datasheet
RWE-0760-02515-1500-SOT12-0000 760 nm 80 mW 742-775 nm Widely Tunable Datasheet
RWE-0790-03010-1500-SOT02-0000 790 nm 50 mW 760-795 nm Tunable Datasheet
RWE-0810-03010-1300-SOT02-0000 810 nm 70 mW 780-810 nm Tunable Datasheet
RWE-0840-06010-1500-SOT02-0000 840 nm 50 mW 810-860 nm Tunable Datasheet
RWE-0840-06515-1500-SOT02-0000 840 nm 50 mW 800-860 nm Widely Tunable Datasheet
RWE-0860-06010-1500-SOT02-0000 860 nm 80 mW 830-880 nm Tunable Datasheet
RWE-0920-04010-1500-SOT02-0000 920 nm 15 mW 880-930 nm Tunable Datasheet
RWE-0980-08020-1500-SOT02-0000 980 nm 50 mW 900-1000 nm Tunable Datasheet
RWE-1060-10020-1500-SOT02-0000 1060 nm 80 mW 980-1090 nm Tunable Datasheet
RWE-1060-10525-1500-SOT02-0000 1060 nm 80 mW 960-1100 nm Widely Tunable Datasheet


Applications: Record and Excite Hyperfine Atomic Transitions in Superior Resolution; Reference Standards such as Atomic Clocks; Quantum Field Technologies; Precise Spectroscopic Handling of Various Atomic Transitions

Product Group: Gain Chips
Manufacturer Series Name: RWE
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