BAL Multi Mode Laser Diodes

BAL Multi Mode Laser Diodes eagleyard Photonics
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653 to 1,064 nm; Spectral Width 2 to 10 nm; Output Power 1 to 18 W (CW Mode), up to 100 W... more
Product information "BAL Multi Mode Laser Diodes"

653 to 1,064 nm; Spectral Width 2 to 10 nm; Output Power 1 to 18 W (CW Mode), up to 100 W (Pulsed Mode); Threshold Current ≤500 to 3,000 mA; Slope Efficiency 0.6 to 1.0 W/A; Forward Current 1,6 to 72 A

Eagleyard Photonics’ BAL series of multi mode laser diodes are high brightness, broad area laser (BAL) diodes operating multi mode spatially and longitudinally. Within the BAL series, wavelengths between 653 and 1,064 nm are available with output powers between 1 and 18 W in cw mode or even up to 100 W in pulse mode.

Its high pulse energy and fast rise time makes the BAL series of multi mode laser diodes the laser source of choice for high resolution sensing applications under harsh environmental conditions. Stripe widths from 60 to 400 µm are available to optimize beam structure and power for the application.

eagleyard Photonics’ hermetically sealed TO packages as well as fiber pigtailed flat packages make such laser diodes ideally suited for applications with either demanding size restrictions or with preferred fiber pigtail handling. The output power of the fiber of a cost efficient pigtailed single emitter starts at 500 mW at 670 nm and reaches up to 13 W at 980 nm.

Key Features:

  • Broad Area, Edge Emitting Laser Diodes
  • Broad Wavelength Range 653 to 1,064 nm
  • High Output Power 1 to 18 W (CW) and 5 to 100 W (Pulsed)
  • Hermetically Sealed
  • Fast/Slow Axis Collimation
  • Typ. Spectral Width 3 to 5 nm
  • Stripe Width 60, 100, 200, 400 µm
  • Chip Length 1 to 4 mm
  • Beam Divergence Parallel (Slow Axis) 10° (FWHM), Perpendicular (Fast Axis) 30° (FWHM)
  • Extreme Operating Temperature Range -60 to +90 °C
  • CMT, SOT, CDL, TO-18, FLW, FLP Packages

Applications: Time-of-Flight LIDAR; Laser Sensing in Missiles; Laser Ignitors of Optopyro Elements for Satellites or Launchers; Active Protection Systems; Material Processing; Medical; Solid-state Laser Pumping

Product Group: Multi Mode Laser Diodes
Manufacturer Series Name: BAL
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