HPCR/AA-250/SH-200 Fiber Optic Shutters

HPCR_AA-250_SH-200 Fiber Optic Shutters OZ Optics
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High Power; Insertion Loss In response to increasing demand for high power handling fiber... more
Product information "HPCR/AA-250/SH-200 Fiber Optic Shutters"

High Power; Insertion Loss <0.5 dB; Power Handling ≤50 W; Shutter Response Speed <5 ms; Shutter Electrical Interface 5 V TTL

In response to increasing demand for high power handling fiber optic components, OZ Optics has developed the HPCR / AA-250 / SH-200 series of fiber optic shutters and connectors that incorporate smart sensors for safety interlocks. These shutter systems can be incorporated in high power handling components, including freespace-to-fiber and fiber-to-fiber coupling situations.

For extreme power handing capabilities, the shutters can also incorporate additional beam dumps and/or heat sinks to safely absorb the blocked laser power. The key components that allow realization of smart shutters and safety interlocks are a series of proximity sensors and temperature sensors installed at suitable locations in the body of fiber optic assemblies. These provide the necessary electrical signals to alert the end user to take appropriate action.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Watt CW Power Handling
  • Shutter Speeds of <5 ms
  • Controlled via 5 V TTL Signal
  • Available with Temperature and Connector Proximity Sensors for Safety Interlocks
  • Compatible with SMA 905 and FC Connectors
  • Available in Laser-to-fiber and Fiber-to-fiber Versions
  • Fiber Connectors and Receptacles with Safety Sensor/interlocks Available

Applications: All Situations Involving Laser Beams, Including High Power Laser Beams Coupled into SM or MM Fibers; Laser Facilities Requiring Compliance to Laser Safety Standards; High Power Industrial and Medical Laser Applications - Laser Marking, Cutting, Welding, Laser Scalpel, Eye Surgery, Tattoo Removal; High Power Laser Physics; High Power Spectroscopy; OEM Laser Systems

Product Group: Fiber Optic Shutters
Manufacturer Series Name: HPCR/AA-250/SH-200
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