ODL Fiber Optic Delay Lines

ODL Fiber Optic Delay Lines OZ Optics
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Manual & Motorized Versions; 400 to 2000 nm; Delay Range 13 to 600 ps; Return Loss -35, -40,... more
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Manual & Motorized Versions; 400 to 2000 nm; Delay Range 13 to 600 ps; Return Loss -35, -40, -50, -60 dB, Fiber Type SM, MM, PM

OZ Optics’ fiber optic delay lines (ODL series) consist of an input and output fiber collimator to project the light into free space and collect it again into a fiber. The distance the light travels in free space is precisely controlled, either by controlling the separation between the input and output optics (ODL-100, ODL-200, ODL-300, ODL-700) or by reflecting the light off a movable reflector (ODL-600, ODL-650). In either case, by varying the distance the light travels, the user can control the delay time through the device.

ODL series delay lines are available in both manual and electrically controlled versions. Manual delay lines (ODL-100, ODL-200, ODL-600, ODL-700) utilize either a lead screw or a micrometer to adjust the spacing. Electrically controlled versions (ODL-300, ODL-650) utilize a servo motor with encoders to monitor the motion.

With these electronically controlled devices, submicron resolution (<0.003 ps) is achieved. The delay line is easily controlled by a computer via an RS-232 interface or manually using some simple TTL input signals. These devices are calibrated to provide the delay in picoseconds. Home and end position sensors prevent accidental damage to the device.

The ODL-700 miniature style delay line provides up to 13 ps delay in a miniature package. The unit takes up little more space than an ordinary patch cord connection and is easily adjustable and lockable.

Delay lines are offered using single mode (SM), multi mode (MM) or polarization maintaining (PM) fibers. In general, OZ Optics uses polarization maintaining fibers based on the PANDA fiber structure when building polarization maintaining components and patch cords. However OZ Optics can construct devices using other PM fiber structures. OZ Optics also carries some alternative fiber types in stock, please contact AMS Technologies for availability. If necessary, OZ Optics is willing to use customer supplied fibers to build devices.

Key Features:

  • Low Loss
  • Sub-picosecond Resolution
  • Wide Wavelength Range (400 to 2000 nm)
  • Over 600 ps Delay Range
  • Polarization Insensitive
  • Single Mode (SM) and Polarization Maintaining (PM) Fiber Versions
  • Electrically Controlled Versions Available
  • Miniature Style Version

Applications: PMD Compensation in High-speed Communications Networks; Interferometric Sensors; Coherent Telecommunications; Spectrum Analyzers; OCT Systems

Product Group: Fiber Optic Delay Lines
Manufacturer Series Name: ODL
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