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AA Fiber Adapters OZ Optics
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Universal Adapters; Connector Type (Super, Ultra) NTT-FC/PC, SMA 905/906, AT&T-ST, (Angled) SC,... more
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Universal Adapters; Connector Type (Super, Ultra) NTT-FC/PC, SMA 905/906, AT&T-ST, (Angled) SC, Universal; Fiber Type Single Mode (Hybrid Patchcord, Lens Style), Multi Mode (Lens Style)

OZ Optics’ AA series of universal connectors and hybrid patchcords are designed for mating two patchcords that have different connectors on their ends. Butt joint style universal connectors feature different female receptacles on either side. Patchcords are simply plugged into either side, and the fiber ends butt together in the middle. These connectors offer an inexpensive and reliable way to connect matching single mode, multi mode, or polarization maintaining patchcords with differing fiber terminations.

Connectors with a universal ferrule adaptor design are also available, for connectors that have 2.5 mm diameter ferrules, or 1.25 mm diameter ferrules. These receptacles are best suited for temporary measurements and give added flexibility. Hybrid patchcords have a female receptacle on one side and a male connector on the other side. A small length of fiber lies within the device to transmit the light. Male-to-male hybrid patchcords are also available.

Lens style universal connectors are ideal for connecting fibers that have different optical characteristics. They consist of an input receptacle, a collimating lens, a focusing lens and the output receptacle. Light from the input fiber is first collimated, then focused back into the output fiber. The alignment is precisely controlled using OZ Optics’ patented alignment technique. Lens style universal connectors are tilt adjustable to compensate for any offsets between the fiber cores and the connector housings.

Please note that universal connectors will not couple light efficiently from a multi mode fiber into a single mode fiber. High losses are unavoidable in this situation, since multi mode fibers have both larger numerical apertures and larger core sizes.

Key Features:

  • Mates Patchcords With Different Connector Types
  • Connectors With Different Ferrule Sizes Supported
  • Minimizes Losses Between Fibers With Different Core Sizes And Numerical Apertures
  • Male To Female (Hybrid) Connector Versions
  • Rugged And Compact Design
  • Low Insertion and Return Losses

Applications: Patch Panel Interconnects; Fiber Distribution Hubs; Test And Measurement Stations; Optical Delivery Systems

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