PMJ PM Patch Cables

PMJ PM Patch Cables
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Polarization Maintaining; 480 to 1625 nm; Fiber Type PANDA, others; Insertion Loss ≤0.4 to ≤1.5... more
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Polarization Maintaining; 480 to 1625 nm; Fiber Type PANDA, others; Insertion Loss ≤0.4 to ≤1.5 dB; Operating Temperature Range -20 to +70 °C

OZ Optics’ PMJ series of polarization maintaining (PM) patchcords are based on a high precision butt-style connection technique. The PM axis orientation is maintained by using male connectors with a positioning key and a bulkhead female receptacle with a tightly toleranced keyway, ensuring good repeatability in extinction ratios and insertion losses.The polarization axis of a fiber is aligned with the connector key by rotating either the connector frame or the fiber itself until the polarization axis is in line with keyway of the connector. Once the fiber is correctly aligned, the alignment can be fixed with a drop of glue or epoxy.

OZ Optics minimizes backlash and rotational errors in the PM axis alignment by using specially designed PM ferrules and connector housings.Patchcords are normally offered pre-aligned and referenced with the slow axis aligned to the connector key for optimum coupling efficiency and extinction ratios. Non-angled FC PM connectors are also available unaligned and unlocked (rotatable) for lab use. Unless otherwise specified, pre-aligned patchcords are oriented such that the slow axis of the fiber is aligned with the key of the connector and locked. These patchcords maintain polarization to better than 20 dB. Higher extinction ratios are available upon request. In general, OZ Optics uses polarization maintaining fibers based on the PANDAfiber structure when building polarization maintaining components and patchcords. However OZ Optics can construct devices using other PM fiber structures, including 80 µm cladding sizes. If necessary, OZ Optics is willing to use customer supplied fibers to build devices.

OZ Optics uses a 2.00 mm housing key for its standard FC/PC PM connector design. This is known also as a type “R” keywidth. Also available are FC/PC connectors with a 2.14 mm housing key (Type “N”). Sleeve through adaptors are available to connect same size keys or to convert from a 2.00 mm to a 2.14 mm key connector. In addition to patchcords and sleeve through adaptors, OZ Optics provides male PM connectors and ferrules for fiber termination, bulkhead receptacles to attach fibers to devices as well as ferrules for different fiber sizes.

Key Features:

  • Terminations Available: FC/PC, SC, ST, LC, MU, E2000
  • Custom Ferrule Terminations Available
  • High Extinction Ratios (20 dB to 40 dB)
  • Low Insertion Losses (<0.2 dB typ.)
  • Custom Angles Available
  • Compatible with Industry Standard Connectors
  • Designed to Meet Telcordia Specifications

Applications: High-speed (10 Gbs / 40 Gbs) Telecommunications; Interferometric Sensors; Integrated Optics; Fiber Amplifiers; Coherent Telecommunications

Manufacturer Series Name: PMJ
Product Group: PM Patch Cables
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