(P)FPD Fiber to Photodiode Couplers

(P)FPD Fiber to Photodiode Couplers OZ
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Pigtail/Receptacle Versions; Fiber Type SM, MM or PM; Tilt Adjustment Feature for Many... more
Product information "(P)FPD Fiber to Photodiode Couplers"

Pigtail/Receptacle Versions; Fiber Type SM, MM or PM; Tilt Adjustment Feature for Many Couplers; Pigtail Versions Optional with Pre-configured Connectors

(P)FPD fiber to photodiode couplers are available for virtually any photodiode on the market, using either SM, MM or PM fiber. The coupler design is both rugged and flexible, allowing customers to do their own alignment if desired. For OEM applications, miniature pigtail style fiber to photodiode couplers are available that do not use the tilt adjustment technique. These feature both a smaller size and lower cost.Our fiber to photodiode couplers come in three basic designs. The most common design consists of two baseplates (one holding the photodiode and the other one containing the focusing optics and the connector for the input fiber), separated by a resilient O-ring. OZ Optics’ patented tilt adjustment technique is used to achieve the maximum coupling efficiency (typical >80% for SM fibers, depending on fiber and photodiode characteristics) even for very small spot sizes of <10 µm.

For the second design, the fiber, lens and photodiode are glued into a single assembly without the tilt adjustment technique. The third and final design uses no lens at all. The fiber is simply butted against the photodiode. Both of these designs are intended for OEM applications. For optimum coupling efficiency, stability, and minimum backreflection, we recommend using pigtail style fiber to photodiode couplers, available with a wide variety of fiber types and cable sizes, also preterminated with different types of connectors. Receptacle style versions are typically only available for multimode applications, or large active area photodiodes.

AMS Technologies welcomes opportunities to fiber couple into your specific photodiode. Please contact us with details of the fiber required and the photodiode specifications, and we will determine the best, most cost effective method of fiber coupling.

Key Features:

  • High Coupling Efficiency
  • Available in SM, PM and MM Versions
  • Compact Housing
  • InGaAs or Si Photodiodes Standard
  • Contact us for Custom Specific Diodes
  • Small Active Area Photodiodes for High Bandwidth

Applications: Power Measurements; Optical Signal Measurements; Optical Power Control Devices; Fiber Optic Sensors; Data Transmission Systems

Product Group: Fiber to Photodiode Couplers
Manufacturer Series Name: (P)FPD
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