QMMJ High Power MM Patch Cables

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Multi Mode Patchcords; 200 to 2000 nm; Fiber Type MM High Power; Optional Cooling Fins OZ... more
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Multi Mode Patchcords; 200 to 2000 nm; Fiber Type MM High Power; Optional Cooling Fins

OZ Optics’ QMMJ series of multi mode fiber optic patchcords is specifically designed for high-power applications. These patchcords feature special high-power multi mode fibers, carefully prepared fiber endfaces and specially designed fiber optic connectors to ensure maximum power handling for your application.

In standard connectors the fibers are glued into place, and the fiber is polished flush with the connector ferrule tip. When used with high power lasers, heat generated at the tip of the fiber causes the surrounding epoxy to break down and give off gases. These gases, in turn, burn onto the tip of the fiber, causing catastrophic damage to the fiber and perhaps the entire system. In contrast, OZ Optics’ high-power connectors feature an air-gap design, where the fiber extends into free space by 1.1 to 1.5 mm, providing an epoxy-free region where thermal energy is safely dissipated without burning the surrounding material.

OZ Optics offers an adjustable focus feature in both SMA and FC connector designs to allow optimum coupling efficiency, which is critical in high power applications. A unique feature of the adjustable focus connector design is that one can adjust the distance the ferrule and fiber protrudes from the connector housing. The connector also has a built-in residual spring mechanism that allows one to safely connect two fibers together.

Our engineers have extensive working knowledge with both continuous output (CW) and pulsed laser applications and can help you select the best system for your application. Please contact AMS Technologies for further assistance.

Key Features:

  • Operating Wavelengths 200 to 2000 nm
  • MM Fibers
  • Unique Connector Design for Precise Fiber to Fiber Coupling Minimizes Thermal Damage
  • Able to Withstand Temperatures up to +500 °C
  • Compatible with SMA905 and FC Connectors
  • Different Fiber Endface Finishes Available for Higher Power Applications
  • Stainless Steel Armored Cabling for Maximum Safety
  • High Power Anti-reflection Coatings Available

Applications: Laser Marking, Cutting and Welding; Materials Processing; High Power Spectroscopy; Non-linear Optics; Laser Surgery; Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR)

Product Group: High Power MM Patch Cables
Manufacturer Series Name: QMMJ
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