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RGB Combiners and Delivery Systems OZ Optics
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For 3 to 5 Wavelengths; 400 to 660 nm; Return Loss 40 dB; Insertion Loss OZ Optics’ RGB... more
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For 3 to 5 Wavelengths; 400 to 660 nm; Return Loss 40 dB; Insertion Loss <1.5 to <2.8 dB; Fiber Type SM, MM or PM

OZ Optics’ RGB (Red/Green/Blue) combiners and delivery systems use custom optics and dichroic filters to combine efficiently three to five visible lasers into a common output port – providing a complete method to deliver full color laser light from a SM, PM or MM fiber.

The RGB combiner can be provided as a pigtailed passive device or as a low profile RGB laser engine with or without built-in laser diode drivers to combine light from three to five different wavelength sources (red, green, and blue are the most common) to generate output light that is white in appearance from a single fiber. By varying the relative intensities of the individual transmitted visible lasers, one can generate a spectrum of colors.

The fiber is protected with a rugged, flexible cable. The light from the output fiber can be collimated using an optional achromatic collimator to give near ideal Gaussian beams ranging from 0.6 mm to 10 mm in diameter. Alternatively, achromatic focusers can be supplied to focus the light to spots only a few microns in diameter.

Key Features:

  • Combine up to five visible wavelengths (400 nm to 660 nm)
  • Compact Footprint- MM, SM and PM Fiber Versions
  • High Power Handling
  • Low Insertion and Return Losses

Applications: White Light Displays; Confocal Microscopy; Laser Spectroscopy; Fluorescence Microscopy; Color Holography and Imaging Systems; Flow Cytometry

Product Group: RGB Combiners and Delivery Systems
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