FPC/HFPC/PFPC Fiber Polarization Controllers

FPC_HFPC_PFPC Fiber Polarization Controllers OZ Optics
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400 to 2200 nm; Return Loss ≥40 to ≥60 dB; Available Polarization Extinction Ratio >35; Fiber... more
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400 to 2200 nm; Return Loss ≥40 to ≥60 dB; Available Polarization Extinction Ratio >35; Fiber Type SM, Coating ≤400 µm

OZ Optics’ FPC/HFPC/PFPC series of fiber polarization controllers allows to convert any input polarization to any desired output polarization. These devices combine the compact size and ease of use of standard bulk optics systems with low cost, low loss and low back reflection.

FPC/HFPC/PFPC controllers work by applying pressure with an adjustable clamp. The pressure on the fiber causes a birefringence within the fiber core, causing the fiber to act as a fractional wave plate. Varying the pressure varies the delay between the fast and slow polarization components. The clamp is rotatable, allowing to change the direction in which the stress is applied. This allows any output polarization to be achieved. The process is simple and quick, output polarizations exceeding 30 dB can be routinely achieved in seconds.

FPC/HFPC/PFPC fiber polarization controllers work with single mode (SM) fiber of any wavelength. For multi mode (MM) and polarization maintaining (PM) fiber, AMS Technologies offers OZ Optics’ FPR series of polarization rotators, controllers and analyzers.

FPC/HFPC/PFPC fiber polarization controllers are offered in three versions. The FPC in-line polarization controllers can be inserted into a customer’s own single mode fiber. OZ Optics now provides this unit in a miniature size housing for applications where space is critical. FPC controllers can be used with any wavelength single mode fiber and is designed to work with 250 and 400 µm jacketed fibers.

With the PFPC devices, pigtailed versions are also offered. PFPC versions are available with any size of cable or fiber and with your choice of connectors.

Finally, HFPC connector receptacle style controllers are available, using a short section of fiber terminated with female receptacles. For further information, please contact the AMS Technologies optical fiber experts.

Key Features:

  • No Intrinsic Loss
  • No Backreflection
  • Compact Size, Miniature Housing
  • Easy to Use
  • Wavelength Insensitive
  • Wavelength Range 400 to 2200 nm

Applications: Single Mode (SM) to Polarization Maintaining (PM) Fiber Launching; Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) Measurements; Launching into Polarization Sensitive Devices; Fiber Lasers; Fiber Interferometers; OCT Systems

Product Group: Fiber Polarization Controller
Manufacturer Series Name: FPC/HFPC/PFPC
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