MPC-202 Polarization Controller

MPC-202 Polarization Controller General Photonics
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980-1620 nm; SOP Change Rate >360 krad/s; IL 50 dB General Photonics’ MPC-202 advanced... more
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980-1620 nm; SOP Change Rate >360 krad/s; IL <0.6 dB; PDL <0.1 dB; PMD <0.2 ps; AL <0.1 dB; RL >50 dB

General Photonics’ MPC-202 advanced multifunction polarization controller is specially designed to meet the requirements of coherent receiver performance tests.

MPC-202 combines General Photonics’ award winning PolaRite™ II/III polarization controller with proprietary polarization control algorithms to achieve a wide range of polarization control functionalities, including high-speed quasi-uniform rate polarization scrambling, random-rate polarization scrambling with Rayleigh rate distribution, discrete-state polarization scrambling with high slew rate, sine, square, and triangle-wave SOP (state of polarization) modulation, and manual polarization control functions.

In particular, the “Tornado” quasi-uniform rate polarization scrambling function can achieve a high SOP scrambling rate of up to 60,000 revolutions/s (more than 360 krad/s) with a narrow rate distribution clustered around the highest rate.

In short, the MPC-202 is an ideal tool for production or laboratory testing of polarization related functions and parameters, including passive/active component characterization, performance tests of fiber optic interferometers, sensor systems, RF photonics systems, etc. The quasi-uniform rate high-speed scrambling function is particularly useful for SOP tracking speed testing of coherent receivers, and the square wave SOP modulation function is ideal for SOP recovery time tests.

Key Features:

  • Quasi-uniform Rate SOP (State of Polarization) Scrambling
  • SOP Change Rate: >360 krad/s
  • Scrambling With Rayleigh Rate Distribution
  • Discrete SOP Scrambling
  • SOP Modulation
  • Operating Wavelength Range: 1260 to 1620 nm, 980 to 1310 nm
  • Tornado Polarization Scrambling: 0.00 to 60,000 Revolutions/s
  • Mean Rayleigh Rate Distribution Polarization Scrambling: 0.00 to 2,000 rad/s
  • Triangle Polarization Scrambling: 0.00 to 2,000 x 2π rad/s
  • Discrete Random States Polarization Scrambling: 0.00 to 20,000 points/s
  • Manual Polarization Control: 4 Channels, 0 to 4π Each Channel
  • Low Insertion Loss (IL): <0.6 dB With Connectors
  • Low Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL): <0.1 dB With Connectors
  • Low Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD): <0.2 ps With Connectors
  • Low Activation Loss (AL): <0.1 dB With Connectors
  • Return Loss: >50 dB With Connectors
  • Optical Power Handling: 1,000 mW
  • Bright OLED Display

Applications: Laboratory Testing of Polarization-related Parameters; Performance Tests of Fiber Optic Interferometers and Systems; SOP Tracking Speed Testing of Coherent Receivers

Product Group: Polarization Controller
Manufacturer Series Name: MPC-202
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