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PLC Polarization Controllers General Photonics
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480-1650 nm; IL 45, >55, >65 dB; Extinction Ratio >40 dB; Connection Options Bulkhead... more
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480-1650 nm; IL <0.05, <0.5 dB; RL >45, >55, >65 dB; Extinction Ratio >40 dB; Connection Options Bulkhead Connectors, Fiber Pigtails, Drop-in

General Photonics’ PLC series of polarization controllers use patented fiber squeezing technology to control the polarization. The PLC polarization controller modules are available with bulkhead connectors, with fiber pigtails, or as drop-in versions that use fiber already in the system. For OEM applications where space is at a premium, a miniature PLC polarization controller module is available.

The PLC-002/M02 version of the PLC polarization controller is conveniently pigtailed with or without connectors. It can be spliced to other components with minimal loss and is ideal for controlling the polarization state of light in any single mode fiber optic system. It is available in a regular (PLC-002) or miniature (PLC-M02) size for maximum flexibility.

PLC-003/006 is the in-line version of the PLC polarization controller module. It can be inserted into a fiber optic system to control the polarization state of light without having to disconnect any part of the system. It can be used by simply inserting a length of fiber into the slot located on top of the device. The miniature version can be inserted in even tighter spaces in a fiber optic module.

The PLC-004/005 fully connectorized polarization controller module comes with either male (PLC-005) or female (PLC-004) connectors, thus eliminating the headaches of fiber pigtails. Customers can use the bulkhead connectors of their choice. Although the unit comes with FC type connectors, it can interface with ST and SC type connectors with industry standard FC/ST or FC/SC adapters . The device is especially suitable for interconnecting polarization maintaining (PM) fibers using standard connectors without having to align the birefringent axes of the PM fibers. Optional scales allow easy replication of earlier settings, a feature highly desirable in laboratories for repeating polarization adjustments.

Key Features:

  • Low Intrinsic Insertion Loss: <0.05 dB, <0.5 dB With Connectors
  • Low Back Reflection – Return Loss: >65 dB Without Connectors, >45, >55 dB With Connectors
  • Insensitive to Wavelength Variations
  • Compact Size – Dimensions:

          PLC-002/M02: 102/76 x 25.4 x 27/27.7 mm
          PLC-003/006: 76 x 25.4/16 x 27.7/17 mm
          PLC-004/005: 102 x 25.4 x 27.7 mm

  • Multiple Connection Options: Bulkhead Connectors, Fiber Pigtails, Drop-in
  • Works With Fibers of Any Size (PLC-003/006)
  • Operating Wavelength: 480 to 1650 nm
  • Extinction Ratio: >40 dB

Applications: Sensor System Adjustment; OCT System Tuning; Antenna Remoting Systems; Laboratory Setups; Teaching Laboratories; High-speed Telecommunication Systems; WDM Systems; CATV Systems; Fiber Laser; Fiber Sensor Systems; PM Fiber Systems

Product Group: Polarization Controller
Manufacturer Series Name: PLC
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