PSW-002 Polarization Switch

PSW-002 Polarization Switch General Photonics
  • SW11295
1310, 1550 nm; IL 18 dB; RL >55 dB General Photonics’ PSW-002 is a solid-state... more
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1310, 1550 nm; IL <0.5 dB; Switching Speed 100 µs; Polarization Rotation 45°, 90°; ER >18 dB; RL >55 dB

General Photonics’ PSW-002 is a solid-state polarization switch that can quickly and repeatably rotate the state of polarization (SOP) of incoming light by a fixed angle, either 45° or 90°. Both single mode (SM) and polarization maintaining (PM) fiber pigtailed versions are available.

With the PM option, the PSW-002 device functions as a TE to TM converter, switching the SOP between being aligned with the slow and fast axes of the PM fiber, or between the slow axis and 45° from the slow axis. With the SM option, the device simply rotates the polarization ellipse either 45° or 90°.

The device can be used for polarization sensitive OCT, polarization sensitive OTDR or OFDR, PMD monitoring, polarization modulation, polarization detection, and polarization metrology. An optional driver board simplifies switch control by allowing the user to control the output SOP using TTL levels.

Key Features:

  • Switching Speed: 100 µs Typical
  • No Moving Parts
  • Low Insertion Loss (IL): <0.5 dB
  • Operating Wavelength: 1550 ±30 nm or 1310± 30 nm
  • Polarization Rotation: 45 ±0.5° or 90 ±0.5°
  • Rotation Angle Temperature Dependence: -0.1, -0.2°/°C
  • Return Loss (RL): >55 dB
  • Switching Current: <130 mA
  • Switching Voltage: 2.5 V
  • Latching Current: ~80 mA
  • Latching Voltage: 1.5 to 2 V
  • Extinction Ratio: >18 dB for PM Model
  • Fiber Type: PM Panda, SMF-28 or Compatible
  • Dimensions: 40 x 17.5 x 13.5 mm (Optical Head), 38 x 38 x 15 mm (Board)

Applications: Polarization-diversified Detectors and Sensors; PMD Monitoring, Polarization Modulation; Polarization Detection; Polarization Metrology; Coherent Communication

Product Group: Polarization Switch
Manufacturer Series Name: PSW-002
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