POS-20X Polarization Stabilizers

POS-20X Polarization Stabilizers General Photonics
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1060, 1310, 1550 nm; SOP Recovery Time 50 dB General Photoncs’ POS-20X series of... more
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1060, 1310, 1550 nm; SOP Recovery Time <5 ms; SOP Tracking Speed 32 π/s; Repeatability <0.1 dB; IL 0.1-1.2 dB; RL >50 dB

General Photoncs’ POS-20X series of polarization stabilizers maintain stable output states of polarization (SOP) against rapid input SOP fluctuations, compensating for an input polarization discontinuity in as fast as 5 ms, or tracking without resets against a continuous input SOP rotation of up to 32 π/s.

The POS-20X architecture includes a polarization controller , in-line polarization monitor, and proprietary algorithms to find and maintain the target SOP. The instruments’ output fiber can be either single mode (SM) fiber or polarization maintaining (PM) fiber with the output polarization aligned to its slow axis.

When a polarizer is placed at the output, the maximum power fluctuation caused by input polarization fluctuation is less than 0.1 dB. These instruments can be used to eliminate polarization fluctuations in fiber systems, suppress noise figure in optical amplifiers, reduce PDL effects, demultiplex polarization division multiplexed channels, and eliminate polarization fading in coherent communication and fiber sensor systems.

The devices feature a bright OLED display for easy setup and optimization of operation parameters such as control step size, feedback delay, activation threshold, and minimum or maximum search. They can accept either optical or electrical feedback. The POS-20X series of polarization stabilizers comprise four models with different configurations to meet different application requirements: POS-202, POS-203 and POS-204.

POS-202 has two optical ports on the front panel for signal input and output as well as an internal polarization monitor. It stabilizes the output SOP to linear, aligned to the slow axis of the output PM fiber.

POS-203 has optical ports for signal input and output and a third port for an optical feedback signal. It automatically optimizes the output SOP to either maximize or minimize and optical or electrical feedback signal. It also allows the operator to control the step size, feedback delay, activation threshold, and search algorithm (maximum or minimum) from the front panel as well as remotely via one of the digital interfaces.

POS-204 has four optical ports on the front panel for polarization controller input and output, and for polarization monitor input and output. As with POS-203, there is also an electrical port to accept an external electrical feedback signal from a user’s own external monitor circuit. Either the optical or electrical feedback signal can be used for stabilizer control. The polarization controller tunes the output polarization to maximize or minimize the selected feedback signal.

Key Features:

  • Reset-free Operation
  • External Feedback Ports
  • Tunable Operation Parameters
  • SOP Recovery Time: <5 ms
  • SOP Tracking Speed: 32 π/s
  • Repeatability: <0.1 dB
  • Front Panel Control Parameter Setup
  • Calibrated Wavelengths: 1060, 1310, 1550 nm
  • Operating Wavelength Range: Calibrated Wavelength ±50 nm Standard
  • Low Insertion Loss: 0.1 to 1.2 dB
  • Return Loss: >50 dB
  • Isolation in Orthogonal Polarization: 20 dB
  • Optical Power Handling: 6 to 30 dBm

Applications: Eliminate Polarization Fluctuations in Fiber Systems; Suppress Noise Figure in Optical Amplifiers; Reduce PDL Effects; Demultiplex Polarization Division Multiplexed Channels; Stabilize Output SOP of High-power Laser Amplifiers; Coherent Communication

Product Group: Polarization Stabilizers
Manufacturer Series Name: POS-20X
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