BB-500-11-ND Variable Optical Attenuators

BB-500-11-ND Variable Optical Attenuators OZ Optics
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N eutral Density Filter, Pigtail Style; Fiber Type SM, MM, PM; 800 to 1625 nm; Connector Type... more
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Neutral Density Filter, Pigtail Style; Fiber Type SM, MM, PM; 800 to 1625 nm; Connector Type NTT-FC/PC, ST, SC, LC/PC, other; Attenuation IL to 40 dB

OZ Optics’ BB-500-11-ND series of compact PC board mountable, pigtail style variable attenuators are designed to meet Telcordia requirements. These attenuators with low backreflection can be used for 1300 nm and 1550 nm, as well as for C, L and S bands, with minimal changes in the insertion loss. Mounting holes provide easy attachment to PC boards and patch panels. The mounting hole patterns and attenuator sizes can be modified to meet customer requirements.The attenuators consist of two baseplates, each baseplate containing a fiber followed by a collimating lens.

The attenuator is prealigned for optimum coupling efficiency using a patented tilt alignment technique. A variable neutral density filter is used to provide more uniform attenuation in multi mode applications than the blocking screw technique. The attenuation is controlled by a turn screw on the side of the attenuator, which controls the position of the filter.

Variable attenuators based on the neutral density filter are ideal for multi mode fiber applications where one may be concerned about modal noise. When blocking style attenuators are used with multi mode fiber, some modes are blocked, while others are transmitted. This can produce 1 dB or greater modal noise fluctuations with coherent sources. A variable attenuator using a neutral density filter is not as strongly affected by modal noise. However, neutral density filter attenuators offer lower attenuation range (around 40dB) and can only handle about 50mW of power. While generally used for multi mode applications, OZ Optics can also produce single mode and polarization maintaining versions.

Key Features:

  • Neutral Density FilterRugged and Compact Size
  • Wide Wavelength Range
  • Single Mode, Polarization Maintaining and Multi Mode Fiber Versions
  • Low Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL)
  • Low Wavelength Dependence
  • Mode Insensitive Attenuation
  • Low Backreflection
  • Designed to Meet Telcordia Requirements

Applications: Optical Power Equalization and Power Control for WDMs and Multi-channel Optically Amplified Networks; Telecommunications; CATV; LAN; Test and Measurement; Receiver Padding; Optical Sensors

Product Group: Variable Optical Attenuators
Manufacturer Series Name: BB-500-11-ND
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