Silicon PIN Photodiodes

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Active Area Diameter 1-14.1 mm; Responsivity 0.17-1.05 A/W; Capacitance 2.5-450 pF; Peak... more
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Active Area Diameter 1-14.1 mm; Responsivity 0.17-1.05 A/W; Capacitance 2.5-450 pF; Peak Wavelength 800-1000 nm; Rise Time <1-15 ns; Dark Current 0.05-<200 nA; Package TO-5, TO-8, TO-18, TO-36, T-1¾, 3-Pin, Custom

Excelitas’ silicon PIN photodiodes are available in a wide variety of active areas to accommodate various applications. The PIN structure allows high quantum efficiency and fast response for detection of photons in the 400 nm to 1100 nm range.

The C30741 models provide fast response and good quantum efficiency in the spectral range between 300 nm and 1100 nm. Designed for high-speed, high-volume production and cost-sensitive applications, these photodiodes are offered in plastic TO-style packages with a visible blocking filter option.

The C308xxEH series are high-quality silicon PIN photodiodes with a 1 to 11 mm active diameter chip in a hermetically sealed TO-5, TO-8 or TO-18 package, designed for the 300 nm to 1100 nm wavelength range. This product series features a broad range of photosensitive surface areas from 0.8 mm² to 100 mm².

FFD-100H, FND-100GH and FND-100QH are large-area silicon PIN photodiodes with a 2.5 mm active diameter in a hermetically sealed TO-5 package. These photodiodes provide high responsivity from 400 nm to 1150 nm, with a peak responsivity at 850 or 920 nm, and feature ultra-fast rise and fall time, low NEP and low operating voltage. The FND-100QH has a quartz window, extending the photodiode’s UV response down to 200 nm, while the FFD-200-H features 5.0 mm active diameter in a hermetically sealed TO-8 package

Excelitas’ UV and HUV series are high-quality Si PIN photodiodes in hermetically-sealed TO packages with quartz or glass window, designed for the 220 nm to 1100 nm wavelength region with enhanced operation in the UV range. Low noise detection is achieved by operating the UV series in photovoltaic mode (0 V bias). These PIN photodiodes also feature a wide spectral range and linearity over a wide dynamic range.

The YAG series offers an exceptional 0.4 A/W at 1060 nm by using a thick silicon material. Designed with a guard ring to collect current generated outside of the active area, they are the detectors of choice when the entire chip is illuminated by reducing unwanted carriers responsible for noise.

Precise beam positioning can be achieved by using Excelitas’ C30665GH-4A, C30845EH, YAG-444x or YAG-555x quadrant PIN photodiodes. They are designed with 4 pie-shaped quadrant sections created via the doping process, thus reducing the "dead" space between each quadrant to almost zero. Each quadrant is then connected to an isolated lead.

Applications: LiDAR; Telecom; Instrumentation; Photometry; Laser Power Monitoring; Fiber Optic Test Equipment; High-speed Switching; Spot Tracking; Laser Range Finders; Missile Guidance; Laser Warning Systems

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