VTB Series Blue-enhanced Silicon Photodiodes

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Active Area 1.6-37.7 mm²; Radiometric Sensitivity 0.1-0.55 A/W; Capacitance 0.1-8 nF; Spectral... more
Product information "VTB Series Blue-enhanced Silicon Photodiodes"

Active Area 1.6-37.7 mm²; Radiometric Sensitivity 0.1-0.55 A/W; Capacitance 0.1-8 nF; Spectral Range 200-1100 nm; Typ. Peak Wavelength 555-920 nm; NEP 10-90 fW/√Hz; Max. Dark Current 0.02-2 nA; Package TO-5, TO-8, TO-46, Sidelooker, Ceramic, Other

Excelitas’ VTB Series of blue-enhanced P on N silicon planar photodiodes are designed for optimum response through the visible part of the spectrum. Photodiodes from this series are primarily intended to be used in photovoltaic mode but can also be used with a small reverse bias.

Within the VTB Series, versions with a UV transmitting window, exhibiting excellent response in the UV, or built-in infrared (IR) rejection filtering for applications requiring a response approximating the human eye are available.

All blue-enhanced silicon photodiodes in this VTB Series exhibit very high shunt resistance. This characteristic leads to very low offsets when used in high gain transimpedance op-amps circuits.

Some examples for the broad range of available variants:

  • VTB1012H and VTB1012BH are small-area planar silicon photodiodes in a flat-window TO-46 package.
  • VTB4051H and VTB8341H are planar silicon photodiodes mounted on a ceramic substrate and coated with a layer of clear epoxy.
  • VTB6061 types are large-area planar silicon photodiodes in a flat-window TO-8 package.

Applications: Ambient Light Sensing; UV and Blue Light Sensing; Flame Monitoring; Light Meters; Photometry

Product Group: Blue-enhanced Silicon Photodiodes
Manufacturer Series Name: VTB Series
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