VTP Series Fast-response Silicon Photodiodes

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Active Area 0.684-21 mm²; Radiometric Sensitivity 0.034-0.6 A/W; Capacitance 6-350 pF; Spectral... more
Product information "VTP Series Fast-response Silicon Photodiodes"

Active Area 0.684-21 mm²; Radiometric Sensitivity 0.034-0.6 A/W; Capacitance 6-350 pF; Spectral Range 400-1150 nm; Typ. Peak Wavelength 580, 920, 925 nm; NEP 14-90 fW/√Hz; Max. Dark Current 7-100 nA; Package TO-5, TO-8, TO-46, T-1, T-1¾, Sidelooker, Ceramic, SMT, Other

Excelitas’ VTP Series of fast-response silicon photodiodes have been designed for low junction capacitance to achieve fast response times. The lower the capacitance, the faster the response of the photodiode when the RC time constant is your limiting factor.

VTP Series fast-response silicon photodiodes can be operated under reverse bias to decrease the capacitance and further increase the speed of response, or in photovoltaic mode in applications where speed of response is not critical.

Typical reverse breakdown voltages are around 140 V. Low dark currents under reverse bias are also a feature of the VTP Series fast-response silicon photodiodes. With excellent response in the IR-spectral range, these devices are well-matched to infrared (IR) LEDs like Excelitas’ VTE Series.

Some photodiodes are available in packages which incorporate a visible rejection filter, effectively blocking light below 700 nm.

Applications: Smoke Detection; Barcode Scanning; Light Meters; Pulse Oximeters

Product Group: Fast-response Silicon Photodiodes
Manufacturer Series Name: VTP Series
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