EOAPD Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes APD

EOPD Molded Plastic, Hermetic TO and SMD Photodiodes EPIGAP Optronic
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800, 905 nm; Active Area Diameter 230, 500 µm; Responsivity 50, 55 A/W Typ.; Capacitance 1-3 pF... more
Product information "EOAPD Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes APD"

800, 905 nm; Active Area Diameter 230, 500 µm; Responsivity 50, 55 A/W Typ.; Capacitance 1-3 pF Typ.; Package TO-46 Metal Can, LCC3 SMD, LCC6 SMD

EPIGAP Optronic’s EOAPD series of silicon avalanche photodiodes (APD) provide an internal gain mechanism, fast time response, low dark current and high sensitivity in the near infrared region.

These APDs are recommended for applications that require high bandwidth, or where internal gain is needed to overcome high pre-amp noise. In addition, they provide higher sensitivity than standard photodiodes like EPIGAP Optronic’s EOPD series and are ideal for extreme low-level light detection and short pulse detection.

Silicon avalanche photodiodes (Si APDs) are the preferred optical detectors for applications with wavelengths between 400 nm and 1100 nm. Standard versions are available in active area sizes with a diameter of 230 µm and 500 µm and are offered in hermetic TO cans and LCC packages.

These detectors have become the semiconductor equivalent of photomultipliers in many applications including data communication, LIDAR, instrumentation and photon counting.

Key Features:

Product Peak Wavelength Active Area Package Downloads
EOAPD-800-0-04 800 nm Ø 230 µm TO-46 Metal Can Datasheet
EOAPD-800-0-08 800 nm Ø 500 µm TO-46 Metal Can Datasheet
EOAPD-800-1-01 800 nm Ø 230 µm LCC3 SMD Datasheet
EOAPD-800-1-05 800 nm Ø 500 µm LCC3 SMD Datasheet
EOAPD-800-1-07 800 nm Ø 500 µm LCC6 SMD Datasheet
EOAPD-905-0-12 905 nm Ø 230 µm TO-46 Metal Can Datasheet
EOAPD-905-0-16 905 nm Ø 500 µm TO-46 Metal Can Datasheet
EOAPD-905-1-09 905 nm Ø 230 µm LCC3 SMD Datasheet
EOAPD-905-1-13 905 nm Ø 500 µm LCC3 SMD Datasheet
EOAPD-905-1-15 905 nm Ø 500 µm LCC6 SMD Datasheet


Applications: Data Communication; LIDAR; Instrumentation; Photon Counting; Optical Range Finders; High-speed Optical Communications; Medical Equipment; Barcode Readers

Product Group: Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes APD
Manufacturer Series Name: EOAPD
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