Photodiodes & IREDs for Smoke Detection

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Excelitas provides photodiodes and IREDs as well as custom assemblies with specified signal... more
Product information "Photodiodes & IREDs for Smoke Detection"

Excelitas provides photodiodes and IREDs as well as custom assemblies with specified signal level range to address the requirements of electro-optical smoke detectors.

An electro-optical smoke detector consists of an infrared LED light emitting diode (IRED) and photodiode assembly which exhibits a signal under the presence of smoke in the detection volume (smoke chamber). Signal range under smoke and clean-air conditions and their long-term stability are key features of a smoke detector module.

Such an assembly can be an optical block containing an IRED and PD for (SMD) board soldering or the complete smoke chamber, which are produced in high volumes. In addition to the components presented in the tables above, Excelitas can provide higher value-add assemblies for smoke detection applications, including the following:

  • An optics block which consists in a Photodiode-IRED pair selected, assembled into a plastic housing and tested to have a controlled range of transfer function between the IRED to photodiode signal under given smoke conditions.
  • A smoke chamber with base which can be easily integrated on a PCB for use with the optics block.

For further details on these or other sub-assemblies, including readout ICs, please contact the AMS Technologies experts to discuss your requirements.

Application: Electro-optical Smoke Detection

Product Group: Photodiodes & IREDs for Smoke Detection
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