High-volume Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes APD

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Active Area Diameter 230-500 µm; Responsivity 8.5-60 A/W; Capacitance 0.1-2.0 pF; Noise Current... more
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Active Area Diameter 230-500 µm; Responsivity 8.5-60 A/W; Capacitance 0.1-2.0 pF; Noise Current 0.1 pA/√Hz; Package TO, T-1¾, LCC

Excelitas’ C30737 series of high-volume, cost-effective silicon avalanche photodiodes (APDs) provide high responsivity between 500 nm and 1000 nm as well as extremely fast rise times at all wavelengths, with a frequency response above 1 GHz for bandwidth-optimized versions.

Standard versions of the C30737 series APDs are available in three active area sizes: 0.23, 0.3 and 0.5 mm diameter. They are offered in the traditional hermetic TO housing (“E”), in cost-effective plastic through-hole T-1¾ (TO-like, “P”) packages, in leadless ceramic carrier (LCC, “L”) top-looking package and laminated leadless ceramic (LLC, “C”) side-looking package and in a compact surface-mount “top-looking” leadless package (C30737MH). Enhanced response is available at 635, 800 or 900 nm, some devices include 635, 650 or 905 nm optical bandpass filters.

All listed varieties are ideally suited for high-volume, low-cost applications. Customization of these APDs is offered to meet your design challenges. Operating voltage selection and binning or specific wavelength filtering options are among many of the application-specific solutions available. Please inquire about the availability of arrays based on the C30737 product family to enable your next generation LiDAR systems.

As low-gain APDs with low temperature coefficient, Excelitas’ C30724 series devices can be operated at a fixed voltage without the need for temperature compensation. C30724 APDs provide high responsivity in the wavelength range of 800 to 950 nm and are designed to meet the needs of high-volume and low-cost applications.

The C30724EH is in a hermetically-sealed TO-18 can. The C30724EH-2 is a modified TO-18 with a built-in 905 nm narrow band pass filter. Lastly, the C30724PH is in a TO-18 plastic encapsulated package.

Applications: LiDAR; Laser Range Finding for 600 to 950 nm Range; Optical Communication; Analytical Instrumentation

Product Group: High-volume Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes APD
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