OBR 4600 Optical Backscatter Reflectometers

OBR 4600 Optical Backscatter Reflectometers
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Zero Dead Zone; 1270-1610 nm; Resolution 10-250 µm; Scan Time 0.4-16 s; Max. Device Length... more
Product information "OBR 4600 Optical Backscatter Reflectometers"

Zero Dead Zone; 1270-1610 nm; Resolution 10-250 µm; Scan Time 0.4-16 s; Max. Device Length 30-2,000 m; Dynamic Range 60, 80 dB; Backscatter-level Sensitivity -130 dB

OBR 4600 optical backscatter reflectometers are part of Luna’s award-winning OBR Optical Backscatter Reflectometer product line. Designed for component testing, short run network testing and troubleshooting, the OBR 4600 reflectometers enable ultra-high resolution reflectometry with backscatter level sensitivity.

The OBR 4600 reflectometers feature spatial resolution as fine as 10 µm, no dead zone and an extremely low noise floor. The OBR 4600 comes with an extensive range of options including a strain and temperature sensing package with maximum sensor lengths up to 2 km.

To increase the functionality of their OBR 4600 optical backscatter reflectometer, users can add the following options:

  • Spot Scan Option: Allows the user to narrow the scan range to 1 to 2 m area within the network under test. This reduces the time required to scan and also allows the user to focus exclusively on the area of interest.
  • Hard Shell Carrying Case Option: The OBR 4600 can be provided with a hard shell carrying case for applications that require portability or exposure to more rugged environments.
  • 2 km Sensing Length Option: The OBR 4600 range can be extended up to 2 km with a 3 mm spatial resolution and no dead zone.
  • Software Development Kit Option: A selection of DLL files can be provided to allow users to customize their own test equipment user interface with the OBR 4600 operation.
  • Lightpath Analysis Software Option: Allows the user to program a go/no go check based on a pre-selected characterization of a component or network. This option is ideal for testing and can reduce a complicated analysis to a simple pass/fail end of line production test.
  • Distributed Temperature and Strain Sensing Package: This option allows the user to make strain or temperature measurements using sensors made with standard unaltered fiber optic cable that does not require fiber bragg gratings. The distributed sensing option can provide sub-cm spatial resolution with sensors up to 2 km.

Key Features:

  • “Zero Dead Zone” Reflectometers
  • Measure Insertion Loss (IL), Return Loss (RL), Distributed Loss, Distance, Polarization States, Phase Derivative and Group Delay
  • Easily Locate, Identify and Troubleshoot Macro-bends, Splices, Connectors and Breaks
  • Dual Display With Intuitive User Interface Allows to Simultaneously Determine Fault Location and Fault Magnitude and Perform Fault or Component Characterization
  • Highlight Selected Sections of the Scan and Perform an Analysis in the Frequency Domain
  • User-selectable Scanning Wavelength Range and Centerpoint
  • Fast Scanning: Measure 30 m with 10 μm Sampling Resolution in <7 s
  • Continuous High-speed Scanning: 1 m Segments at up to 3 Hz
  • Optional Spot Scanning Feature
  • Extended Range Option Provides 2 km Range With no Dead Zone
  • Wavelength Range: 1270 to 1610 nm
  • Maximum Wavelength Resolution: 0.02 pm
  • Maximum Device Length: 30 to 2,000 m
  • Sampling Resolution: 10 to 250 µm
  • Scan Time: 0.4 to 16 s
  • Measurement Rate in Spot Scan Mode: 0.15 to 3.7 Hz
  • Dynamic Range: 60, 80 dB
  • Backscatter-level Sensitivity: -130 dB
  • High-resolution C and L Band (OBR 4600) or O Band (OBR 4613) Capability

Applications: Easily Locate, Identify and Troubleshoot Macro-bends, Splices, Connectors and Breaks; Locate Insertion Loss (IL) Points at Every Point in the Network or Assembly – Eliminate Cutbacks; Test and Troubleshoot Short-run Networks (up to 2 km); Unprecedented Visibility into Miniaturized Components

Product Group: Optical Backscatter Reflectometers
Manufacturer Series Name: OBR 4600
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