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NIR; 900-2500 nm; Resolution 1.7-85 nm; Sensitivity 26,600-8,200,000 Counts/µW per ms... more
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NIR; 900-2500 nm; Resolution 1.7-85 nm; Sensitivity 26,600-8,200,000 Counts/µW per ms Integration Time; InGaAs Linear Array Detector; Interface USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet; 95x68x20-185x160x 184 mm

Instruments in Avantes’ AvaSpec NIRLine are high-performance, near-infrared spectrometers that are optimized for the demands of measuring long wavelengths. This line provides leading-edge performance for dispersive NIR instruments with toroidal focusing mirrors and dynamic dark correction for enhanced stability.

The NIRLine series is comprised of both thermoelectrically cooled and uncooled instruments. The AvaSpec-NIR256/512-1.7 features an uncooled 256 or 512 pixel InGaAs detector. All other instruments in the NIRLine have thermoelectric, Peltier-cooled InGaAs detectors which support cooling down to -25 °C against ambient.

The AvaSpec NIRLine instruments are fully compatible with Avantes’ AvaSpec StarLine and AvaSpec SensLine spectrometers. Instruments in the NIRLine are available as lab instruments or OEM modules for integration into customers' existing systems.

Avaspec NIRLine spectrometers are available with a number of premium options such as irradiance/intensity calibration and non-linearity calibration. Selected models feature the high-sensitivity/low-noise setting: an easy choice between the highest possible sensitivity and the lowest possible noise, right from the AvaSoft 8 software.

To learn more about all the available options and to find the perfect setup that matches your needs, please contact AMS Technologies to discuss your wishes with our sales engineers. The possibilities are virtually endless!

For measurements in the near-infrared range up to 1.7 µm, Avantes offers the AvaSpec-NIR256/512-1.7-EVO series of affordable, uncooled spectrometers with trusted 256 or 512 pixel InGaAs array detectors. These instruments are USB powered and available with a choice of four gratings and replaceable slit options to match the bandwidth and requirements fitting your application. They feature a sample speed of only 0.53 ms/scan and integration times as fast as 10 µs. For applications where resolution is key, or more datapoints for modelling are required, the 512 pixel detector will be the best choice.

If you require optimal noise conditions, even at longer integration times, the cooled versions AvaSpec-NIR256/512-1.7-HSC-EVO are the right choice. Both cooled spectrometers offer the high-sensitivity 100 mm optical bench (HSC) with the next generation of electronics and feature high sample speed and integration times as fast as 20 μs.

Did you know the AvaSpec-NIR256-1.7 has a little brother? The AvaSpec-Mini-NIR spectrometer uses the same detector as its bigger counterpart, but in a much smaller package. Like Avantes’ other CompactLine spectrometers, this device is only the size of a deck of cards and USB powered, which makes it easy to integrate into other devices, including but not limited to OEM handheld applications. Since the AvaSpec-Mini-NIR has no moving parts, it is very robust and can be used in virtually any environment!

The AvaSpec-NIR256/512-2.5-HSC-EVO series of TEC-cooled NIR spectrometers with replaceable slit are based on a 100 mm optical bench with a numerical aperture (NA) of 0.13, offering optimal balance between resolution and sensitivity. The 2.5-HSC-EVO series feature 256 or 512 pixel InGaAs detectors for wavelengths up to 2,5 µm and are available in multiple configurations. For applications where resolution is key, or more data points for modelling are required, the 512-pixel detector will be the best choice. A range of gratings are available, making it possible to tailor the instruments for optimal performance in your application.

In addition to the InGaAs based NIRLine spectrometers, Avantes offers a variety of instruments in the SensLine product family that are ideally suited for the near-infrared (NIR) wavelength region between 800 and 1160 nm – like the AvaSpec-ULS2048XL-EVO , the the AvaSpec-ULS2048x64-EVO or the AvaSpec-ULS2048x16 . These high-sensitivity, low-noise spectrometers employ high quantum efficiency, back-thinned CCD detectors with excellent IR response, offering a more budget-friendly solution for this wavelength range in comparison to the InGaAs array instruments in the NIRline.

Avantes offers a wide range of cables to connect your AvaSpec spectrometer to an AvaLight series light source or one of Avantes’ many accessories like fiber optic switches, AvaTrigger, etc.

Key Features:

  • Optical Bench: Symmetrical Czerny-Turner With 50/75/100 mm Focal Length
  • Available Gratings: 75 to 600 lines/mm
  • Available Slit Sizes: 25 to 500 µm
  • Wavelength Range: 900 to 2500 nm
  • Resolution: 1.7 to 85 nm, Depending on Configuration
  • Stray Light: ≤1%, Depending on Grating
  • Sensitivity: 26,600 to 8,200,000 Counts/µW per ms Integration Time
  • Detector: InGaAs Linear Array 256 to 512 Pixels, TE Cooled (Except AvaSpec-NIR256/512-1.7)
  • Signal/Noise: 1800:1 to 5000:1
  • A/D Converter: 16 Bit, 500 kHz to 1.2 MHz
  • Integration Time: 10 µs to 20 s
  • Interface: USB 3.0 High Speed, USB 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet
  • Sample Speed With Store to RAM or On-board Averaging: 0.13 to 0.54 ms per Scan
  • Data Transfer Speed: 0.4 to 1.2 ms/Scan (USB)
  • Dimensions: 95 x 68 x 20, 185 x 84 x 185, 185 x 145 x 185, 185 x 160 x 184 mm

Applications: Moisture Content Measurement of Liquids, Solids and Powders for In-line and Quality Control Purposes; Quantitative and Qualitative Measurement of Volatile Organics Such as Ethanol and Methanol; Plastic Characterization and Material Identification; Irradiance Measurements Such as Solar Monitoring; Qualitative Measurements of Feed and Food; Wheat, Grain and Fertilizer Analysis; Dairy Industry; Recycling; Medical; Process Monitoring

Product Group: Spectrometers
Manufacturer Series Name: AvaSpec NIRLine
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