MCP-12 Mass Connector Polisher

MCP-12 Mass Connector Polisher Nanometer Technologies
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Max. No. of Connectors 12; Connector Type FC, SC, ST,FDDI, E2000PC, 2.5 mm, Other; Radius of... more
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Max. No. of Connectors 12; Connector Type FC, SC, ST,FDDI, E2000PC, 2.5 mm, Other; Radius of Curvature 7-30 mm; Apex Offset <50 µm; Undercut/Protrusion <50 nm; Back Reflection -35—65 dB

With the ability to polish up to 12 connectors at once and control the polishing process on every level, Nanometer Technologies’ versatile MCP-12 mass connector polisher is the perfect solution to your high-quality connector polishing needs. Fixture plates for the MCP-12 are designed to reduce consumable waste saving money and film.

The MCP-12 mass connector polisher features consistent and repeatable processes. The device easily meets the industry-level standards for polishing including the specifications for TIA, IEC/Bellcore and GR326. Nanometer Technologies’ patented figure 8 polishing system allows the user to tightly control radius, apex offset and fiber height.

MCP-12 mass connector polishers can polish a wide range of industry standard, military and custom connectors and accommodate a full range of industry standard polishing styles including PC, UPC, 8 DEG APC, 10 DEG APC, FLAT, SPHERICAL, RADIUS and DOMED. The MCP-12 can also polish a wide variety of ferrule material including ceramic, glass, stainless steel and plastic.

Nanometer Technologies’ universal polishing fixture accommodates FC, SC, ST,FDDI, E2000PC and most 2.5 mm ferrules, thus reducing the need for several different polishing fixtures. The MCP-12 is very easy to use, desired results can be achieved with minimal training by even the most inexperienced user. Every MCP-12 polisher comes with a detailed training CD to familiarize technicians with the polishing methods.

Key Features:

  • Polish 4 to 12 Connectors at a Time
  • Designed for High-Quality Single Mode (SM) and Multi Mode (MM) Polishing
  • Figure 8 Polishing Pattern: Exclusive Patent Design Utilizes the original polish methods which tightly controls the radius, apex offset and fiber undercut.
  • Universal Fixture Plate: Accommodates FC, SC, ST, FDDI, E2000PC and 2.5mm Ferrules
  • Versatility: Easily Accommodates a Full Range of Industry-standard Polishing Styles: UPC, 8 DEG APC, 10 DEG APC, FLAT, SPHERICAL, RADIUS and DOMED
  • Polishes a Wide Variety of Ferrule Material Including: Ceramic, Glass, Stainless Steel and Plastic
  • Every MCP-12 Polisher Comes With an Easy-to-follow Training CD
  • Polish to Industry-level Standards: TIA, IEC/Bellcore, GR326
  • Reduce Consumables Cost
  • Increase Production
  • Consistent Repeatable Performance
  • Pneumatic Pressure Control
  • Quickload Universal Polishing Plate™
  • APC and Custom Plates Available
  • Polish 1,500+ Connectors to Bell Core Specs Per Day, Consistently Using Two UNI-32 Fixtures
  • Radius of Curvature: 7 to 30 mm
  • Apex Offset: <50 µm
  • Undercut/Protrusion: <50 nm
  • Back Reflection: PC -45 dB, UPC -55 dB, APC -65 dB, Multi Mode -35 dB
  • Maximum Connector Load: 12
  • Dimensions: 305 x 305 x 152 mm
  • Weight: 9.6 kg
  • CE-certified Units Available

Application: High-volume Polishing of Single Mode (SM) and Multi Mode (MM) Fiber Optical Connectors (PC, UPC, APC, Other); High-volume Polishing of Industry-standard, Military and Custom Fiber Optical Connectors

Manufacturer Series Name: MCP-12
Product Group: Mass Connector Polisher
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