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Ultra OSA Spectrometers LightMachinery
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VIS-NIR; 1260-1675 nm; Resolution 4-50 pm; Interface USB; 483x425x177 mm The Optical... more
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VIS-NIR; 1260-1675 nm; Resolution 4-50 pm; Interface USB; 483x425x177 mm

The Optical Spectrum Analyzer has been a work horse for the telecommunications industry for decades. LigthMachinery thought it was time to revolutionize the performance of the OSA and re-think the design of the instrument. LightMachinery’s Ultra OSA series of spectrometers solves the biggest drawback of the technology (speed) while retaining the resolution and sensitivity.

With its high-sensitivity InGaAs camera and no moving parts, Ultra OSA spectrometers can measure continuous spectra from cw and pulsed sources at 40 Hz. With exposure bracketing on 10 nm within a system’s total wavelength range (35 to 125 nm, depending on model), the spectrometers provide high resolution of 4 pm.

Simple PC-based software allows the user to review spectra in real time and save or export for more analysis. Labview drivers enable the Ultra OSA spectrometers to be integrated into automated experimental setups.

Sometimes you need something special - if you are looking for a customized spectrometer with specifications or functionalities that exactly meet your specific requirements, please get in touch with the AMS Technologies spectrometer experts. Our supplier LightMachinery is extremely experienced with specifying, designing and manufacturing custom spectrometers. We are looking forward to discussing your customized spectrometer solution!

Key Features:

  • Simple to use
  • High-sensitivity InGaAs Camera
  • Can Measure Spectra From CW and Pulsed Sources
  • Continuous Spectra at 40 Hz
  • High Resolution:4 to 50 pm, sub 50 pm at 1550 nm (Resolving Power > 30,000 to >300,000)
  • Accuracy: Based on an External Calibration Source (Required)
  • Dynamic Range: 100:1 to 500:1 in a Single-shot Measurement, up to 50 dB With Exposure Bracketing
  • Wavelength Range: 1260 to 1675 nm, Near Infrared (NIR)
  • Fast Real-time Measurements – Acquisition and Processing Time: <25 ms for the Complete Spectrum
  • Simultaneous Range / Resolution: >2000 at 1550 nm
  • Fiber Optic Input
  • Fast Data Acquisition and Export >40 Hz
  • Simple USB Interface
  • LabView Drivers
  • No Moving Parts (Single-shot Laser Spectrum Analysis)
  • Ultra-reliable
  • Dimensions: 483 x 425 x177 mm

Applications: Like a Regular OSA, But Fast!

Product Group: Spectrometers
Manufacturer Series Name: Ultra OSA
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