ISP-VIS-MC006-A Multi-channel CCD Spectrometers

ISP-VIS-MC006-A Multi-channel CCD Spectrometers Mightex
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6 Channels; 380-780 nm; Resolution 1.2 nm; Integration Time 0.05-200,000 ms; Interface and... more
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6 Channels; 380-780 nm; Resolution 1.2 nm; Integration Time 0.05-200,000 ms; Interface and Power Supply USB 2.0

Multi-channel spectrometers are used to monitor or measure multiple samples or sources simultaneously. Traditionally, multi-channel imaging spectrometers have been expensive and bulky instruments used only in demanding laboratory and industrial applications.

With the ISP-VIS-MC006-A, Mightex has leveraged the state-of-the-art optics and CCD cameras to bring to the market a compact and low-cost multi-channel fiber spectrometer that features high spectral resolution and high light throughput.

At the heart of Mightex’s multi-channel spectrometers is a high-throughput flat-field imaging spectrograph. Multiple input fibers , each represents an independent signal channel, are aligned along the input slit of the imaging spectrograph. Each channel’s spectrum is dispersed by a high-efficiency diffraction grating and then imaged on to a 2D CCD sensor . Light from each channel occupies different rows on the CCD sensor. All channels are exposed simultaneously, then rows associated with each channel are binned together to produce a spectrum for the channel. Fiber channels are spaced out properly to essentially eliminate crosstalk between adjacent channels.

The standard CCD camera features a ½“, 1.3 MP Sony ICX205 imager with a 12-bit ADC. Exposure time (integrating time) can be varied between 50 μs and 200 s. The electronics hardware also includes trigger input and four programmable digital I/Os for interfacing with other equipment such as a light source .

The ISP-VIS-MC006-A spectrometer is controlled through a USB2.0 interface which also supplies all the electric power needed to operate the spectrometer. Mightex also integrates other cameras to build custom multi-channel spectrometers. Get in touch with the AMS Technologies spectrometer experts to discuss your customized multi-channel spectrometer project exactly tailored to your requirements.

Input ends of the fibers are connectorized with SMA905 connectors . Sleeves are available to connect the fibers to other SMA connectors. Standard software package includes a full-featured multi-channel spectrometer PC software as well as a software development kit (SDK) for further software development. The software also supports radiometric calibration and photometric calculations.

Key Features:

  • Multiple (6) Spectral Channels in One Compact Package
  • No Moving Parts
  • Optical Platform: F/2 High-resolution Flat-field Imaging Spectrograph
  • High Spectral Resolution: 1.2 nm
  • High Throughput: Frame Rate 15 fps @ 8 bit, 9 fps @ 12 bit
  • Integration Time: 0.05 to 200,000 ms
  • Wavelength Range: 380 to 780 nm
  • USB 2.0 Interface for Both Data and Power, No External Power Required
  • External Trigger Input and GPIOs for Interfacing With Other Equipment
  • Full-featured SDK

Applications: LED Sorting; Display Measurement; Lab Research; Process Control; Environment Monitoring

Product Group: CCD Spectrometers
Manufacturer Series Name: ISP-VIS-MC006-A Multi-channel
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