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Fiber optic assemblies range from a single fiber cable terminated with industry standard... more
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Fiber optic assemblies range from a single fiber cable terminated with industry standard connectors on both ends and jacketed in flexible sheathing, to a multi-fiber design consisting of multiple inputs and/or outputs, each with different cross-section areas and geometries, each requiring a custom machined endfitting and a heavy duty outer jacket to protect the assembly from being crushed.

Fiberguide designs and engineers assemblies using not only Fiberguide’s own pure silica core / silica clad, silica core / plastic clad fibers, but borosilicate glass fiber, ESKA™ plastic optical fiber, fluoride fiber, chalcogenide fiber, erbium-doped fiber and polarization maintaining fiber as well.

Fiberguide’s bundled assemblies are available with numerical apertures from 0.12 to 0.66, with the widest range of custom and standard endfittings / connectors and outer jackets to tailor a product to your technical and economic requisites.

For high temperature applications, some fiber types can be aluminium or gold coated on request. Additionally, all fiber types can be equipped on demand with Fiberguide’s patented RARe Motheye anti-reflective technology that enhances fiber transmission performance and significantly increases the damage threshold for your application over a large wavelength range.

As an option, some fiber types can be end capped to achieve higher coupled power into a fiber core by reducing the power density at the air / silica interface, commonly the point of laser damage. End cap diameters and lengths are offered for select numerical apertures and fiber cores size but can be easily customized for a variety of fiber types and specialized applications.

For the full range of design features available please download the data sheet. And for your custom bundled assembly, please contact AMS Technologies – our staff of engineers and technical sales professionals unites with Fiberguide’s experienced design and production team in developing a solution specific to your project’s individual requirements.

Key Features:

  • Configurations: Multifiber
  • Fiber Type: All of the Fibers in Fiberguide’s Optical Fiber Product Line
  • Connectors: Custom Machined Ferrules (Round, Square, Rectangular, Slit), SMA, FC, ST, etc.
  • Sheathing: Wide Variety of Polymer & Metal Tubing and Monocoil
  • Can be Designed With Multiple Fiber Types, Multiple Splits / Divisions, Custom Leg Lengths, etc.
  • Standard Temperature Range: -40° to +100 °C, Extended Range -269 to +750 °C
  • Vacuum Compatible Tested to 10-9 Torr
  • Chemical Resistant: Acids, Bases and Organic Solvents
  • Radiation Resistant (Gamma, E-Beam, Fast Neutrons, X-Ray)
  • Operating Wavelengths 180 to 2400 nm
  • Overall Lengths up to 100 m

Applications: Colorimetry; Spectroscopy; Laser Cutting; Chemical Analysis; Laser Welding; Proteomics; Photodynamic Therapy; Medical Laser; Surface Profile; Test & Measurement; Inspection Systems, Airborne Flight Applications; Fluorescence Microscopy

Product Group: Bundled Assemblies
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