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SpecPro Connector Polisher KrellTech
  • SW11369
Interchangeable Fixtures for Connectors, Waveguides, Fiber Bundles; Film Size 4 Inch Diameter;... more
Product information "SpecPro Connector Polisher"

Interchangeable Fixtures for Connectors, Waveguides, Fiber Bundles; Film Size 4 Inch Diameter; Capacity up to 4 Connectors; Connector Apex Offset <50 µm; Connector Radius of Curvature 5-25 mm; Connector Protrusion/Undercut: 0--50 nm

KrellTech’s SpecPro™ connector polisher is designed to yield single mode (SM) performance for R&D and medical applications, low-volume cable assembly production and field environments.

Up to four components can be simultaneously polished, including industry standard connectors, multifiber ferrules, MIL-spec termini, optical bundles, endoscopes and bare fibers. An integrated air-polish routine is available, and SpecPro™ is also ideal for repairing and retro-polishing damaged connectors.

SpecPro™ incorporates KrellTech’s unique independent suspension feature for more uniform and consistent polishing at each connector position. Krell’s SpecVision™ video inspection system can also interface with SpecPro™ for in-line viewing of fiber finishes. In addition to its compact and portable packaging, SpecPro™ features both AC and battery operation.

Key Features:

  • Polishes All Connectors and MIL-Spec Termini to Telcordia Compliance
  • Processes up to 4 Connectors
  • Bare Fiber Polishing
  • Independently Suspended and Optically Aligned Workholders
  • In-line Video Inspection
  • Portable, With AC or Battery Operation
  • Polishing Motion: Random Orbital
  • Polishing Timer: User-adjustable, Digital Cycle Timing
  • Film Size: 4 Inch Diameter
  • Connector Support: Most Industry Standard Connectors/Ferrules/Mil-termini Including UPC/APC Versions, Waveguides, Fiber Bundles, etc.
  • Connector Apex Offset:<50 µm
  • Radius of Curvature: 10 to 25 mm (2.5 mm Ferrules), 7 to 20 mm (1.25 mm Ferrules) 5 to 12 mm (APC Ferrules)
  • Undercut/Protrusion: 0 to -50 nm
  • Bare Fibers Fiber Diameters:80 μm to >1.5 mm Using Adapters
  • Video Inspection: Workholders Can Interface With the SpecVision™ For In-line Viewing Fiber Finishes
  • Equipment Footprint & Weight: 178 x 114 mm, 20.4 kg

Applications: Research and Development; Medical; Low-volume Cable Assembly Production; Field Environments

Product Group: Connector Polisher
Manufacturer Series Name: SpecPro
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