POD-201 Polarimeter

POD-201 Polarimeter General Photonics
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  1280-1620 nm; SOP Uncertainty ±0.25°; DOP Uncertainty ±2%, ±0.5%; PER Measurement Range... more
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 1280-1620 nm; SOP Uncertainty ±0.25°; DOP Uncertainty ±2%, ±0.5%; PER Measurement Range 0-40 dB; Polarization Sampling Rate 4 MHz; Analog Bandwidth ≤1 MHz

General Photonics’ POD-201 is an FPGA-powered polarimeter designed for high-speed polarization analysis and monitoring. The instrument uses four channels to simultaneously obtain the four Stokes parameters and measure the instantaneous state of polarization (SOP) and degree of polarization (DOP) of an input light beam.

The POD-201 polarimeter is controlled with FPGAs that support sampling rates of up to 4 MS/s. A USB 2.0 interface enables data to be transferred directly to a computer at a rate up to 30 MB/s. The POD-201 also features data logging function for long term measurement of polarization changes of up to 1 billion points.

In addition to the front panel controls, the unit can be controlled remotely via the USB 2.0 interface. The POD-201 comes with PolaView™ software for real-time graphic display of polarization state either on a Poincaré Sphere window for viewing SOP traces or on an oscilloscope window for monitoring polarization changes over time.

The POD-201 polarimeter can be quickly and easily calibrated using its built-in self-calibration program to optimize DOP and SOP accuracies at special wavelengths and temperatures. With a suitable light source and measurement techniques, it can be used to measure polarization extinction ratio (PER) to aid in aligning PM fiber to laser sources.

Further features include long-term SOP monitoring, SOP markers for angle measurement, a "SOP replay" function in sphere display mode, extended triggering capability in oscilloscope mode, an OLED display for easy setup and data display and a configurable analog SOP/DOP/power output for easy integration with automated test systems. The standard configuration is a two-port inline version, to monitor a signal without interruption.

Key Features:

  • Self-calibration Program to Optimize Degree of Polarization (DOP) and State of Polarization (SOP) Accuracies at Arbitrary Wavelengths and Temperatures
  • OLED Display for Setup and Data Display
  • Real-time Poincaré Sphere Display
  • Analog SOP/DOP/Power Output for ATE Integration
  • Data Logging of SOP up to 1 Billion Points
  • SOP Uncertainty: ±0.25° After User Calibration
  • DOP Uncertainty: ±2% (Built-in Calibration), ±0.5% (After User Calibration)
  • PER Measurement Range: 0 to 40 dB
  • Polarization Sampling Rate: 4 MHz
  • Analog Bandwidth: ≤1 MHz
  • Operating Wavelength Range: 1440 to 1620 nm; 1280 to 1340 nm
  • Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL): <0.25 dB
  • Insertion Loss (IL): ≤1.2 dB
  • Return Loss (RL): 45, 55 dB
  • Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD): <0.1 ps
  • Continuous Measurement
  • External Trigger
  • Long-term Polarization Monitoring

Applications: 100G System Polarization Test; SOP/DOP Monitoring; Polarization Stabilization; Polarization Analysis; Scrambler DOP Characterization; SOP Statistics; PM Fiber Alignment to Light Sources

Product Group: Polarimeter
Manufacturer Series Name: POD-201
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