IFA-100 Interferometric Fiber Analyser

IFA-100 Interferometric Fiber Analyser Interfiber Analysis
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500 to 1000 nm; Refractive Index Accuracy ±0.0001; Spatial Resolution 500 nm; Fiber Type SM,... more
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500 to 1000 nm; Refractive Index Accuracy ±0.0001; Spatial Resolution 500 nm; Fiber Type SM, MM, PM, Other; Fiber Diameter 40 to 400 µm

Interfiber Analysis’ IFA-100 multi-wavelength interferometric optical fiber analyzer can measure the refractive index profile of an optical fiber without the need for a cleave at wavelengths from 375 to 2000 nm.

By scanning the fiber from the side, the IFA-100 unit allows for scanning and measuring the optical refractive index profile (RIP) along the fiber’s length with sub-micron spatial resolution.

The measurement is independent of cumbersome fiber preparation like cleaving and allows for measuring the evolution of the refractive index profile over a given length of fiber. The equipment uses a broadband light source and can determine the refractive index profile at any wavelength between visible and near infrared.

The refractive index or index of refraction (IOR) is a property of any material. For optically transmitting materials, such as for fibers and waveguides, it is reflected in the reduced speed of light when travelling through any media other than vacuum.

Fibers and waveguides use a distribution of the IOR within their cross section to guide and reflect light, and knowledge of this distribution allows many other critical performance parameters to be calculated, such as mode fields, group and phase propagation constants and fiber dispersion.

Based on Interfiber Analysis’ IFA-100 multi-wavelength interferometric optical fiber analyzer, AMS Technologies offers refractive index measurement services for product development, incoming inspection and forensic analysis on optical fibers.

Key Features:

  • Multi-wavelength: 500 to 1000 nm
  • No Cleave Required
  • Sub-µm Spatial Resolution: About 500 nm
  • Applicable to Any Fiber Type
  • Fast Measurement
  • Refractive Index Accuracy: ±0.0001
  • Fiber Diameter: 40 to 400 µm
  • Fiber Material: Silica Glass, Non-silica Glass, Plastic
  • Concentricity Error Measurement: ±200 nm
  • Core Non-circularity Error Measurement: ± 0.4%
  • Fiber Type: Single Mode (SM), Multi Mode (MM), Polarization Maintaining PM), Micro-Structured (PCF), Multicore, Rare-earth, Cladding-pumped, Large Mode Area (LMA), Low Bend Loss, High-Δ, etc.

Applications: Measuring Splices, Tapers or Couplers of Any Fiber Type; Test and Measurement; Telecommunication; Lasers

Product Group: Interferometric Fiber Analyser
Manufacturer Series Name: IFA-100
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