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Window Material Special Plastics or Glass; Wavelength Protection Ranges 193-12000 nm; Max.... more
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Window Material Special Plastics or Glass; Wavelength Protection Ranges 193-12000 nm; Max. Dimensions 0.210x0.297-1.5x30 m

Our broad portfolio of PROTECT-Laserschutz laser safety windows for different applications allows you to find the laser safety filter for your application. Choose from 24 different plastic filter models and six different glass filter models, covering the safety requirements for applications with common laser types listed below.

The operation of laser systems in many areas of industry, medicine, research and a growing number of further applications is constantly increasing, while the lasers get more powerful and more comprehensive in their settings. Accordingly, the requirements and challenges of laser safety windows are increasing.

The selection of the right laser safety window is essential to ensure the protection of the employees. A large number of different laser parameters, such as wavelength, power and pulse mode, are included in the calculation. Please carefully determine the required safety levels for your laser to select a suitable laser safety window.

All PROTECT-Laserschutz laser safety windows are certified and tested in accordance with the valid standards according to international and European optical and laser standards (EN 207 / EN 208). For advice how to choose the right laser safety window for your application, get in touch with the AMS Technologies laser safety experts now.

Common Laser Types:

Laser Type Wavelengths
Alexandrite Laser 755 nm
Argon Laser 515 nm
Blue Laser 450 - 480 nm
CO + CO2 Laser 5 - 12 µm
Diode Laser 630 - 660 nm
Diode Laser 1470 nm
Diode Laser 940 - 980 nm
Diode Laser 808 nm
Diode Laser 630 - 660 nm
Diode-Nd:YAG Laser 800 - 1064 nm
Diode-Nd:YAG Laser 900 - 1400 nm
Dye Laser 585 - 595 nm
Dye Yellow Laser 577 nm
Er:YAG Laser 2780 - 2940 nm
Erbium Glass Laser 1540 nm
Excimer Laser 193 nm
Fibre Laser 1060 - 1080 nm
Harmonic Nd:YAG Laser 532 nm
Harmonic Nd:YAG Laser 355 nm
Harmonic Nd:YAG Laser 266 nm
HeNe Laser 633 nm
Ho:YAG Laser 2100 nm
KTP Laser 532 nm
Nd:YAG Laser 1320 nm
Nd:YAG Laser 1064 nm
Nd:YAG + Harmonic Laser 266 + 355 + 532 + 1064 nm
Nd:YAG Q-switched Laser 532 + 1064 nm
RGB Laser 450 + 532 + 650 nm
Ruby Laser 694 nm
Supercontinuum Laser 350 - 2600 nm
Thulium Laser 1480 + 1940 nm
Ti:Saphir Laser 800 nm
UV Laser 248 nm
Yb:YAG/Disc Laser 1030 nm
Yellow-Green Laser 561 nm


Key Features:

  • Laser Safety Filter Material: Special Plastics or Glass
  • Wavelength Protection Ranges: 193 to 12000 nm
  • Certified and Tested Against Optical and Laser Standards EN 207 / EN 208
  • Maximum Dimensions Special Plastic Windows: 810 x 950 mm to 1.5 x 30 m
  • Maximum Dimensions Glass Windows: 210 x 297 mm

Application: Protection Against Potentially Dangerous Radiation Emitted by Common Laser Types

Product Group: Laser Safety Windows
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