PDL-201 PDL/IL Multimeter

PDL-201 PDL_IL Multimeter General Photonics
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1260-1620 nm; Measurement Speed 30 ms; PDL Accuracy ±(0.01 + 5% of PDL) dB; PDL Dynamic Range... more
Product information "PDL-201 PDL/IL Multimeter"

1260-1620 nm; Measurement Speed 30 ms; PDL Accuracy ±(0.01 + 5% of PDL) dB; PDL Dynamic Range 0-45 dB; IL Accuracy ±(0.01 + 5% of IL) dB; IL Dynamic Range 0-45 dB; Optical Power Range -40-+6 dBm

Using a patented maximum and minimum search method compliant with TIA/EIA-455-198, General Photonics’ PDL/IL multimeter simultaneously measures the polarization dependent loss (PDL), insertion loss (IL) and optical power of devices in just 30 ms.

Unlike PDL meters that use the polarization scrambling method with large measurement uncertainty, the PDL-201's max-min technique is useful for both low and high values of PDL. And unlike instruments that use a Mueller Matrix technique, the PDL-201 has a wide wavelength range from 1260 to 1620 nm without calibration.

The PDL-201 PDL/IL multimeter comes with USB, Ethernet, GPIB and RS-232 interfaces for PC control and is ideal for fast, accurate characterization of the wavelength dependence of passive devices, especially DWDM and fiber sensor components, in manufacturing environments as well as in laboratories.

The PDL-201 features fast measurement, large measurement dynamic range, a bright OLED display and an analog output port. The measurement speed of the instrument combined with the remote control interfaces allow it to work in conjunction with tunable lasers in automatic or semi-automatic test stations. Software to facilitate the integration is also available from AMS Technologies tech support.

Key Features:

  • Measurement Speed: 30 ms
  • Wide Wavelength Range: 1260 to 1620 nm
  • High Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) Accuracy: ±(0.01 + 5% of PDL) dB
  • PDL Dynamic Range: 0 to 45 dB
  • Insertion Loss (IL) Accuracy: ±(0.01 + 5% of IL) dB
  • IL Dynamic Range: 0 to 45 dB
  • Optical Power Range: -40 to +6 dBm
  • Power Meter Function
  • OLED Display and Analog Output
  • Dimensions: 356 x 216 x 89 mm

Applications: PDL vs Wavelength Measurements; Characterization of DWDM Devices; Characterization of Fiber Sensor Component

Product Group: PDL/IL Multimeter
Manufacturer Series Name: PDL-201
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